Marvel cancels 'Marvel Knights' (the comic), Dixon not amused

There have been a lot of changes since former Marvel Knights line editor Joe Quesada became the editor in chief of Marvel Comics last fall.

One of those is the cancellation of "Marvel Knights," the comic, not the line, which features second and third-tier characters of the type reinvigorated by the Marvel Knights line in recent years.

While not a break-out hit for the company, the title had been performing reasonably well, something that sticks in the craw of series writer Chuck Dixon.

"All I can say is that Marvel Knights is getting cancelled while other books that sell less were not," Dixon told the Comic Wire on Thursday. "You do the math. Or, as Marvel seems to have done, DON'T do the math. I guess I shift into the 'curmudgeon' phase of my life with that statement."

Dixon took Marvel -- and specifically Quesada -- to task at length on his Web site, responding a comment by Quesada online that the old guard of comic creators (like Dixon) should be aware of when their time has passed and that Marvel would now be looking to the newer faces.

"What disturbs me (as the oldest pro to attend WizardWorld Chicago who can still get a sandwich at the hospitality suite) is what this means to comics as a whole. Sure, many are poo-pooing Joe's statements. But dumb ideas like this have a way of catching on in comics. Like manga. Or listening to Gareb Shamus."

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