Marvel Cancels "Ghost Rider"

Another Marvel Comic is on its way out.

CBR News has learned that "Ghost Rider" -- the recent relaunch of the publisher's longtime hellish motorbike hero -- has been cancelled. While Marvel would not confirm the news, readers can expect the comic to join the ranks of other recently shuttled projects "X-23," "Alpha Flight," "Victor Von Doom," "Destroyers," "Iron Man 2.0" and "All-Winners Squad."

Launched during the "Fear Itself" event under the guiding hand of writer Rob Williams, "Ghost Rider" provided a new female version of the long-standing hero while keeping original rider Johnny Blaze on as co-star. The character has a new movie -- "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" from Columbia Pictures -- set to hit theaters this February, though beyond an incoming special re-presenting classic tales of Blaze, the publisher appears to have no plans for a major media tie-in push.

UPDATE: Williams has addressed the series cancellation from his Twitter account, sending out the following: "Sorry to confirm the news about Ghost Rider's cancellation. It's disappointing. Thanks to everyone who bought the book."

As CBR pointed out when breaking the news of the "X-23" cancelation, the title character of "Ghost Rider" will be taking a part in Marvel's February "Venom Event," but after that, plans for the character remain unknown.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on Marvel's cancelations as information becomes available.

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