Marvel Cancels Gwenpool, Generation X, Hawkeye and Potentially More

Marvel has cancelled The Unbelievable Gwenpool, Generation X and Hawkeye, and the fate of several more series are unclear after the release of the publisher's March 2018 solicitations.

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Marvel's latest round of solicitations didn't include six previously ongoing series: The Unbelievable Gwenpool, Generation X, Captain Marvel, Defenders, Luke Cage and America. Marvel editor Heather Antos confirmed the end of Gwenpool on Twitter, stating that February's issue #25 will the series finale. Generation X writer Christina Strain let fans know via Twitter that her X-team book is indeed ending, writing, "Today I submitted the last script pages for Generation X."

Hawkeye is ending as of March's issue #16, though series writer Kelly Thompson has hinted that she may not be done with the character. As she wrote on Twitter, "As some of you are guessing from that cover, #16 will be our last issue of #Hawkeye. Obviously I'm disappointed, but I'm really proud of our book & 16 issues is a solid number in modern times. And there's maybe something interesting coming next? We'll see!"

Captain Marvel doesn't appear in Marvel's March 2018 solicitations, but writer Margaret Stohl took to Twitter to let fans know that the series has not been canceled, and that she and the rest of the book's team are "hard at work on all things Carol Danvers even now!" While that's surely assurance for the character's dedicated fans, it's not yet clear if the book's absence in the March 2018 solicitations is simply a break in the book's shipping schedule or a sign that it's being relaunched soon (a new #1 tying in with the 2019 film certainly seems possible).

That leaves the status of Defenders, Luke Cage and America currently unknown. CBR reached out to Marvel for comment, but has not received a response as of publication.

The absence of Defenders could credibly be attributed to the health issues that series writer Brian Michael Bendis has encountered as of late. Given he's been adamant that Marvel has given him time to wrap up his current storylines before he starts his tenure at DC Comics, it seems unlikely that one of his ongoing series would end early.

Luke Cage appeared in Marvel's February 2018 solicitations with issue #170, the fifth chapter in the "Caged" story arc. In an interview with CBR last month, series writer David F. Walker expressed uncertainty about the future of the series. "We’re still figuring things out," Walker told CBR. "I pay attention to what my sales are like and I’ve had some ideas for some great story arcs, but the question is will sales support us going into those arcs?"

America was also last seen in the February 2018 solicitations, with issue #12, the second part of "The Midas War" arc. There's no definitive word yet on the status of the series.

Several of the comics recently cancelled or with unclear futures represent Marvel's recent push towards greater diversity in their characters, with each of them starring female, Black and/or queer characters.

None of the series ending would be a major surprise, sales-wise, as all were among Marvel's lower-selling titles as of November 2017's direct sales charts, All of the above series were part of Marvel's ongoing Marvel Legacy publishing initiative, meant to be a return to a more classic Marvel feel following the controversial Secret Empire event. Keep reading CBR for the latest on these titles.

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