Marvel, Call Terry Crews: He's 'Game' For Netflix's Luke Cage Series

With filming set to begin this summer on the four Netflix series featuring the "flawed heroes of Hell's Kitchen," Marvel is likely already making calls to cast the roles of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. If that's the case, then Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews has a message for the House of Ideas: "I'm game."

Although the NFL player turned actor, whose name has been periodically floated in connection with Luke Cage, took his name "outta that running" last year, explaining, "I think everybody’s is forcing this ‘Power Man,' Luke Cage thing. Man, it’s obvious, Marvel, for some reason, is not getting down with it. He’s being ignored."

But now that Marvel is down with it, for at least a 13-episode series and a Defenders miniseries? Well, while Crews said he hasn't received a phone call about the project, he admits to Collider that, "Anything can happen."

“I’ve been hearing stuff like, ‘Oh, you’re too old,’" said the 45-year-old Expendables veteran, "and I’m like, ‘Man, do my workout 20 years ago and we’ll talk about who’s too old (laughs).’”

So would Crews be interested in tackling Cage, if the stars -- and production schedules -- align?

"Like I said, anything can happen, I never rule anything out," he said. "I’m game. There are no rules. What’s up, Marvel?  I’m right here, baby. I ain’t goin' nowhere. You know where I live!”

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