A New Techno Organic Horror Haunts Cable's History

Marvel Comics' Cable is a time-traveling mutant soldier from the future, which means his history is, ad you might suspect, long and complex. Over the years, he's been a team leader, friend and family member to various X-Men, but in his current series, he's acting as a one man temporal law enforcer. There's a good reason for that, and this spring we'll learn why Cable ultimately tends to distance himself from others as the new creative team of writers Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler and artist German Peralta introduce a new techno organic villain and take readers on a trip backwards in time through the title character's history.

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Their story kicks off in March's Cable #155, and the events of it will bring Cable's estranged daughter, Hope Summers, back into his life. What other family members will play roles in the story, though, and which other Marvel characters will Cable cross paths with as the tale unfolds?

CBR: Cable has been many different things over the years including a freedom fighter, mercenary, mutant team leader and member, leader of his own nation, and his most recent role is that of a temporal law enforcement officer. So what's your sense of the character when you pick up him in issue #155?

Lonnie Nadler: A lot of the X-Men, and Cable especially, have played various roles over the course of their careers. So one of the best ways to keep these characters interesting is to treat them differently as they evolve, and the one thing we're able to do with this arc is essentially we're able to play with all these different versions of Cable. Because we're starting in the present with this sort of time cop, lone wolf figure that he's become. Then from there we're going back to the past where we'll see him be a mercenary, a team leader, a father, and all those sorts of things.

We feel pretty lucky that we didn't get boxed into any one version of Cable. We get to sort of stretch our wings and play with all the different versions of him that we've liked across the years

The most recent Cable stories have sprung from temporal crises. From what I've read though it sounds like your story starts with more of a personal crisis for your title character.

Zac Thompson: That's correct. We were given the ability to take the things we love about Cable and explore them in this new arc. One of the things that we thought was really interesting about Cable at this point in his timeline is that he is this lone wolf character. That prompted Lonnie and I to take a look at the familial relationships he's had over the long course of his career in comics. So we want to explore how Cable relates to other people. One of the way's were doing that is by introducing new antagonist that preys on familial relationships.

So this is very much about Cable's relationships and why he's shut away all the people he holds close. It's kind of explaining why he is currently a lone wolf.

Nadler: Because he's a character who can travel through time you can sort of slip away and let the plot drive things, but Zac and I wanted to really explore what makes Cable tick. What are the things he's scared of? What are the things that would make him stop what he's doing as this sort of time cop and come back and be more grounded in reality and sort of avoid the pitfalls that come with time travel?

We're interested in character based and driven stories. That's why we went down this road.

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