Marvel bringing <i>Daken: Dark Wolverine</i> to an end

In a just-published interview with Comic Book Resources, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso revealed Daken: Dark Wolverine will be coming to an end, following a wave of cancellations that includes X-23 and Ghost Rider.

Although he didn't indicate when the series will conclude, February's Issue 21 is billed as "Issue one of the story the series has been leading up to," suggesting the beginning of the final arc.

Addressing recent cancellations in this week's "Axel-in-Charge" column, Alonso told CBR's Kiel Phegley, "It's always disappointing when a title comes to an end. I’ll bet everyone reading this column still mourns the death of a title or two they loved – and wonder why the book didn’t stick. And I guarantee you that as frustrated as a fan might be, there's a writer, artist and an editor who are even more disappointed. That’s just the way things go sometimes. The market won’t support it.

"That said, I'm proud of X-23’s run," he continued. "Two successful limited series and an ongoing series ain’t bad. Ditto for Daken [who is also ending his series]. From a supporting role in Wolverine: Origins to the lead of ongoing series that included him slicing Frank Castle to bits – enter Franken-Castle.  Both were characters that gained traction in a market that, well, doesn’t really have a great track record of supporting new stuff. And both characters anchored legitimate monthly titles. We don’t do R&D at Marvel. We'll stick by a title for a while – like we did with Spider-Girl – but there comes a point where that title has to earn, usually sooner than later."

The son of Wolverine, Daken was introduced in 2007 in Wolverine Origins #10, going on to play a prominent role in the "Dark Reign" spinoff Dark Avengers and becoming the lead in Wolverine, retitled Dark Wolverine in June 2009 with Issue 75. That series ended with Issue 90, only to be relaunched in September 2010 as Daken: Dark Wolverine. It's currently written by Rob Williams, working with such artists as Matteo Buffagni, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Allesandro Vitti.

Although the title had a solid debut, selling more than 48,000 copies and landing at No. 23 on Diamond's Top 300, Daken has seen a steady loss in readership. In October, when issues 15 and 16 shipped, both slipped below the 20,000-copy mark.

The Daken: Dark Wolverine news follows word of the conclusions of PunisherMAX and Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive, and the cancellations of Ghost Rider, X-23, Alpha Flight, Victor Von Doom, Destroyers, Iron Man 2.0 and All-Winners Squad.

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