Marvel Breaks Down Planet Hulk in First Episode of TL;DR

If you've ever wanted to read a Marvel Comics collection but thought it was a bit too long to wade into, then Marvel has you covered with "Marvel TL;DR."

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A new animated weekly web series, "Marvel TL;DR" breaks down the publisher's greatest stories so you can jump right in and read the original adventures. The first episode, titled "What is Planet Hulk?," has premiered on YouTube, and follows the Marvel event of the same name as members of the secret organization the Illuminati (Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Black Bolt) determine the Incredible Hulk is too dangerous to be kept on Earth, and shoot him into space.

The video educates viewers on the ins and outs of the "Planet Hulk" saga using animation and a dose of humor from the narrator. Viewers learn of Hulk's imprisonment on the dystopian planet Sakaar, his battles with the Red King in the Coliseum, the introduction of Hulk's Warbound and encounter with the Silver Surfer, the prophecy of the Sakaarson and more, leading up to "World War Hulk."

"Marvel TL;DR" is directed, animated and narrated by Noah Sterling, illustrated by Jinah Noh, and written by Max Dweck and Sterling.

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