Marvel Reveals Secrets of Black Panther's Origin in New Comic


Marvel Comics is making a big Black Panther push in preparation for the hero's upcoming movie, with the latest project promising to dig deep into his origin story.

Following yesterday's announcement of a digital Rise of Wakanda miniseries, there's also an origin story comic arriving as well. Rise of the Black Panther, written by io9 contributor Evan Narcisse and drawn by a currently unrevealed artist, will go into the hero's formative years before he became the warrior-king we all know.

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"I’ve been in constant contact with [Black Panther writer] Ta-Nehisi [Coates] about ways for this series to reflect who T’Challa is in the present day," Narcisse said of his series. "There’s a bit of thematic irony here because Ta-Nehisi’s first story arc involved an instance of change where he represented the historical status quo. In Rise of the Black Panther, he’s the one rebelling against what’s always been done. He goes from being a rebel of sorts to being the establishment."

The tale will cover T'Challa's first year as king of the isolationist nation of Wakanda, right as he makes the choice to pull back his home's curtain of secrecy that's kept them from the outside world. Naturally, this is a choice that'll draw the attention and ire of many, both in the larger Marvel Universe as well as Wakanda. Narcisse promises that the story will show the evolution of Wakandan tech over the decades, and work to reflect how T'Challa is presented in his present day series.

Rise of the Black Panther #1 arrives in January 2018.

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