Marvel's Black Cat Lands Ongoing Comic Series

Spinning out of the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, the first-ever ongoing series to star Marvel's leading cat burglar the Black Cat will arrive this summer.

The upcoming series will follow Felicia Hardy after she crosses the Thieves Guild in next month's Amazing Spider-Man #16, leading her to go on the run both from the secret order as well as the authorities. Writer Jed MacKay (Man Without Fear) and artist Travel Foreman (Animal Man) will helm the series. The cover for the first issue, illustrated by J. Scott Campbell, is below:

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Black Cat's character arc over the past several years has seen her become a New York City crime lord after an encounter with the Superior Spider-Man. She also attempted to bring Silk under her control.

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Recently, Felicia tried to reform her villainous ways and even had a reconciliation of sorts with Spider-Man during Nick Spencer's run on the title. With Felicia now on the run from her former allies, she will need all the help she can get.

Jed MacKay and Travel Foreman's Black Cat #1 is scheduled to go on sale this June from Marvel Comics.

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