Marvel: 10 Best Street Level Heroes, Ranked

The world of Marvel Comics is full of superheroes with immense powers who save the entire planet continuously. These men are Gods, Avengers, and Iron Men, but these are not the most interesting heroes in the Marvel Universe. Instead, look to the ground where heroes are fighting to save people on the streets. These heroes are just as important, and while fighting on a smaller scale, might be even more impressive.

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While some street-level heroes have superpowers that put them in the big battles occasionally, they are most concerned with making sure their home is safe, from the streets of Manhatten to the alleys of Hell's Kitchen. These heroes also take a beating like no others but come back for more. Here is a look at the 10 best street-level heroes in the Marvel Universe, ranked.


Miss America is one of those people with pretty strong powers but is also someone who, consciously, remains a street-level hero. The thing about America is that she isn't even from this Earth, but sets out to protect it anyway. America has a chance to be a major hero but has said that no one could pay her to be a member of a team like The Avengers.

However, she has joined up with the Young Avengers, an entire team built on defending the streets. Chavez can fly and has superhuman strength and speed. She is invulnerable and can also create star portals to move between the different multiverses. With all that said, she is street to the core and wouldn't want it any other way.


Spider-Woman Jessica Drew Greg Land

Jessica Drew has come a long way in her Marvel career. She started as just a female version of Spider-Man before becoming a major hero in her own right. For a while, Drew was even an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., moving her high above the ranks of a street-level hero. She is also one of the best friends of Carol Danvers, and that puts her in great company.

However, more often than not, Drew worked as a private investigator and helped people on the streets. Once Jessica had a baby, she made it her goal to show her child what it meant to be a hero and has been active in protecting the streets ever since.


Iron Fist took quite a beating publically thanks to the fact that the worst of the Marvel Netflix shows was based on him. While a lot of the complaints were from fans who know nothing about Iron Fist or Marvel Comics, the character of Danny Rand in the comics is a great street-level character.

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Danny was the white son of a wealthy family who was lost in Asia when his parent's friend betrayed them to steal their company. Danny then learned that his spoiled, arrogant tendencies were a thing of the West and when he mastered Eastern philosophies, he earned the right to be the Iron Fist, where he returned home and defended it from all sorts of evil.


Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu feature

Now, fans who wanted Iron Fist to be Asian knew nothing about Danny Rand's story and why he had to be white. Those critics wanted the show to be about a different character — Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu. The good news is that those fans who wanted Iron Fist changed will get that character in one of the next MCU films.

Shang-Chi was raised to be an assassin by his immortal sorcerer father. However, when he realized what was happening, he faked his death and then set out to take down his father's criminal empire. Since then, Shang-Chi has fought on the streets to protect everyone from criminals like his father.


Jessica Jones was one of the best of the Marvel Netflix series, taking a street-level Marvel hero who took no-nonsense and making her one of the best female superheroes ever to appear in the MCU. Jessica is a private investigator who, more often than not, finds herself getting in too deep with her clients and helping them more than just working for them.

She is also a superhero, as she has super strength and has durability making her able to take a beating more than a normal human. While Jessica became an Avenger with her husband Luke Cage in the comics, her heart was always with helping innocent people on the streets.


Punisher War Machine

The Punisher is a very different street-level hero. He is someone who will help the innocent, vulnerable, and needy, as he has a soft spot for those in need. However, he is a murdering psychopath who guns down villains with no remorse.

Frank Castle has one thing in mind. He wants to kill any and all villains that he believes that law enforcement can't stop. He also has no faith in law enforcement, so his targets include just about anyone. Castle works the streets like no one else and won't stop until he has killed every criminal that would threaten them.


Luke Cage is an interesting street-level hero in Marvel Comics. He is best friends with Iron Fist and has also worked as his business partner in Heroes for Hire. As the name suggests, Power Man and Iron Fist would help anyone who comes into their offices from the streets with the cash to pay them.

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However, Luke Cage will also protect his home town from all criminals and will do anything and everything to keep those streets clean. He eventually married Jessica Jones, and when they had a baby, he was even more determined to keep the filth off his streets.


Moon Knight not only is a street-level hero in Marvel Comics, but he has multiple personalities, and one of his personalities literally works the streets. He is Marc Spector, a former soldier of fortune. He is millionaire Steven Grant. He is Jake Lockley, a lowly taxi driver who works the street for information.

Moon Knight is a mixture of Daredevil and The Punisher. He is someone who protects the streets of New York City and at one time, Los Angeles, but he is also someone who will kill his enemies without a second thought. Moon Knight is one-half Batman, one-half psychotic madman.


Daredevil has one thing that he does above all else — he defends the streets of Hell's Kitchen from anyone who dares taint it. Since Hell's Kitchen is one of the most dangerous towns in Marvel Comics, he has a lot of work to do. However, Daredevil is more than a masked vigilante.

Matt Murdoch is an attorney who uses his enhanced senses to tell when someone is lying or telling the truth. This means while Daredevil is out on the streets beating up villains, Matt is helping innocent victims on the streets in the court of law. He is the perfect street-level hero.


The one street-level hero that moves above and beyond more than any other is Spider-Man. It is almost a cheat to include him, because Spider-Man is a member of The Avengers, has battled everyone from Thanos to Galactus, and is just as much a top-line hero as anyone in Marvel Comics.

However, at the end of the day, he is the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. He is someone who protects the streets of New York City from villains like Rhino, Doc Ock, Sandman, and Electro. Yes, he is a big-time hero, but he is a hero whose heart lies in protecting the streets and the innocents who face danger every day over that of a globetrotting Avenger.

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