10 Best Users Of The Infinity Gauntlet (& What They Did With It)

The most powerful McGuffin in all of Marvel lore, the Infinity Gauntlet grants its users near infinite power. It's not the only cosmically-powerful artifact in Marvel's long and storied lore, but, following the events of Infinity War Endgame, it's certainly among the most important. Plus, with the MCU's Infinity Saga coming to a close, a look back at its comics history seems merited.

Although it doesn't happen very often, many people have wielded the gauntlet. Among this list are many of the most iconic Marvel characters of all time. What's just as interesting is what each of these characters decided to do with this infinite power. Of course, a lot of these instances are relegated to semi-obscure 90s comic plot threads, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Here is a list of the top 10 users of the Infinity Gauntlet and what they did with it.

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10 Nebula

The granddaughter of the Mad Titan himself, Nebula has always been an interesting character. Once he got the gauntlet, Thanos tortured and twisted Nebula into an undead being neither alive nor dead. Nebula bided her time and when Thanos was unaware she took the gauntlet for herself. Restoring her health and sending Thanos away, Nebula was freed. The heroes of the Marvel Universe banded together with Thanos and successfully took away the gauntlet, ending her reign.

9 The Magus

An evil version of Adam Warlock, The Magus proved to be a powerful adversary for the Marvel Universe. His quest was a simple one; gather the Infinity Gems and destroy the universe. There was only one man standing in his way. That man was his creator, Adam Warlock. Magus seemingly accomplished his goal, after a long search for the gems throughout the universe.

Just before he was going to wipe out the universe, he came to a realization—his reality gem was a fake. Since then The Magus has been ever looming in the corners of Marvel comics, most likely waiting for another chance to collect the gems.

8 Mr. Fantastic

Reed Richards is one of the most powerful people in Marvel comics due to his intellect alone. He may have wielded the gauntlet for only a short time, but it's likely he could have kept it for much longer. The Council of Reeds, a gathering of Reed Richards' from all over the multiverse, each has their own Infinity Gauntlet. When Reed got the gauntlet, he wished to use their infinite power to destroy them. Finding himself unable to do so, he instead bestowed each gem to a different member of the Illuminati.

7 Captain America

With the multiverse collapsing in on itself, the main earth (616) of the Marvel Universe found itself on the verge of extinction. In order to prevent an alternate reality earth from collapsing into their own, the Illuminati deemed it necessary to use the Infinity Gauntlet in order to prevent such an event. In choosing a wielder, they all agreed that one man was most worthy: Captain America. With the power of the Infinity Gems, Cap pushed to earths away from each other. Doing so destroyed the gems, but allowed Earth to live on, for the time being.

6 Black Panther

In the Doctor Doom alternate reality, Battleworld Black Panther sought out and eventually found the Infinity Gauntlet. Using the gauntlet, T'Challa went on to defeat the god-like Doom and travel back in time to warn Reed Richards of the planet's impending demise. Among all of the characters Marvel has ever created, it's hard to think of someone as worthy of such power as King T'Challa.

5 Doctor Doom

Perhaps the greatest Marvel villain of all time, there is no evildoer more likely to acquire all the gems than Doom himself. Finding himself transported to the Council of Reeds, Doom steals two Infinity Gauntlets and assembles his own Parliament of Doom. Since Infinity Gauntlets can only be used in their respective universes, Doom traveled to the universe of one of his gauntlets.  Upon his arrival, he found that world to be a desolate wasteland. Using his power he created a world full of life for him to rule over until eventually his subjects overthrew him.

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4 Silver Surfer

The former herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer, has once taken on the gauntlets immense power. In a What If? issue, the Surfer used the power of the gems to restore his home planet and restore the life Galactus had taken from him. In the end, the morally upstanding cosmic hero gave up the gems and all of his powers. He did so in order to avoid corruption and be with the love of his life.

3 Spider-Man

One of the most popular Marvel characters of all time, of course Peter Parker got his hands on the Infinity Gems at some point. There's something very nice about seeing Marvel's biggest underdog receive Marvel's greatest power. At the end of the Infinity Gauntlet, Spidey used the glove to undo all of the damage Thanos had done. Time was reset before everyone was snapped away, and humanity got a second chance to live happy lives.

2 Adam Warlock

Perhaps the biggest rival to Thanos in the comics, it makes sense that Adam Warlock would be near the top of this list. His history is inextricably linked with the Infinity Gems, and he's worn the gauntlet on multiple occasions. In order to be a worthy wielder of such infinite power, Adam's first use was to turn himself into a "neutral" being devoid of good or evil. Upon doing this, he unwittingly created the Magus and the Goddess, both of which caused many problems for the universe.

1 Thanos

C'mon, we all knew this was coming; Thanos is perhaps the most powerful villain in the Marvel universe without the Infinity Gauntlet. With it, he has been the antagonist in some of comics greatest stories. In the comics, Thanos fell in love with the physical embodiment of Death, and in order to please her, he wiped out have of all life in the universe. Although that was his most notable use, Thanos has had the gauntlet plenty of times, and will no doubt get it again in the future.

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