Marvel & Bendis Confirm Ultimate Spidey Cartoon

For months, fans of Marvel Comics web-slinging wonder have been curious as to what the small screen potential would be for Spider-Man since Sony relinquished rights back to Marvel for animated and television adaptations of the iconic superhero. Would the Sony-produced "Spectacular Spider-Man" somehow get a third season? Would the character be rested while Marvel geared up their big "Avengers" push?

Today, the answer came in the form of "Ultimate Spider-Man" - a new animated series produced by Marvel and set to debut in the fall of 2011 on cable channel Disney XD. Word first hit as part of the MIPTV conference currently being held for TV executives before Marvel made the show official by releasing a teaser image on their website.

"'Ultimate Spider-Man' will be a unique journey exploring our favorite web-slinger as he teams up with other fan favorite Marvel Super Heroes in never before seen stories with a new life filled with great challenges, new friends, intense action and character growth," Eric S. Rollman, the President of Marvel Animation explained in the release.

And for fans wondering how close this new series would hold to Brian Michael Bendis' long-running comic series of the same name, the writer held court in a series of posts on his Twitter page saying, "[I] don't have much usm cartoon news. not involved with it at the moment. working on powers tv and fire movie for universal - and comics, but I do know the pitch and it sounds pretty, pretty , pretty cool.

"[If] you want to see some USM cartoon stuff with me and bagley's finger prints on them, check out the USM VG from a few years back."

In the image released by Marvel, several character familiar to the readers of Bendis' comic are visible including Ultimate Nick Fury, Nova (who may or may not be the Ultimate Rick Jones under that helmet), Iron Fist and the new super alter ego for Mary Jane Watson recently seen in "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man." Villains such as the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus are also visible.

Check back to CBR as more information is released about "Ultimate Spider-Man" the animated series.

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