Marvel Debuts Team of AXE Body Spray Inspired Superheroes - Really

Marvel Comics is no stranger to creating eccentric characters or teenage superheroes for its shared universe, but its latest characters may be its strangest yet. The comic publisher will introduce the Fresh-Men, a new team inspired by AXE Body Spray.

A trailer uploaded to AXE's website introduces five freshmen from the Future Minds School of Science and Technology in Chicago: Damien Garcia, Lyssa Jordan, Danny Li, Emily Everheart and Tarell Taylor. The narration explains that, thanks to a combination of their own scientific knowhow and Wakandan technology, they become the superheroes Burner, Windchill, Kid Vanish, Override and Double Time. Together, they are -- the Fresh-Men!

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As the trailer continues, the Fresh-Men do battle with none other than Klaw, Black Panther's archenemy. The narrator points out that the whole superhero thing is cool, but it isn't always easy. As the video comes to an end, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Thor appear to help out the superpowered teens.

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As the trailer winds down, the narrator tells viewers not to miss the team-up between the Fresh-Men and the Avengers and instructs them to head to AXE's website to learn more. The AXE website allows users to subscribe to the Fresh-Men and receive a 30-day free trial of Marvel Unlimited, a library of over 25,000+ comics.

A creative team was not included in the announcement.

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