The Secret History of Marvel's Seventh Infinity Stone

With Avengers: Endgame rapidly approaching, fandom has consistently come up with a variety of intriguing theories as to how the Avengers will ultimately defeat Thanos in the film after the mad Titan finally succeeded in wiping out half of the universe at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

Some theories have even looked into the obscure past of Marvel Comics, to the mysterious seventh Infinity Stone, that has not been seen in a comic book in almost 25 years! Learn more about how the Ego Stone came to be and why it has mostly been wiped out of continuity.

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Everything started in late 1994 when Marvel Comics purchased a rival comic book company, Malibu Comics, along with Malibu's popular superhero line of comic books known as the Ultraverse. This was right around the time that the comic book speculator boom of earlier in the decade was crashing down to Earth, which led to Malibu having to sell to Marvel. The issue, of course, is that the sales crash affected Marvel, as well, which ultimately led to the company shuttering the Ultraverse. However, they first tried to raise sales by starting a series of crossovers with the Marvel Universe and the Ultraverse.

One of the ways that Marvel tried to get Marvel readers to care about the Ultraverse was through the use of the Infinity Stones (then referred to as the Infinity Gems). They had been the focal point of the hit crossover, Infinity Gauntlet, and had led to an ongoing series, Warlock and the Infinity Watch, where Adam Warlock had a group of his friends and acquaintances each guard one of the Infinity Stones so that they could not be brought together to form a new Infinity Gauntlet.

However, the villainous vampire from the Ultraverse, Rune, managed to steal the Infinity Stones right out from underneath the Infinity Watch. This led to Silver Surfer/Rune (by Glenn Herdlin, John Buscema and Bill Anderson) where the Living Tribunal enlisted the Silver Surfer into getting the Infinity Stones back from Rune...

The Surfer managed to keep the stones from Rune by essentially blasting Rune's hand off...

Then the Infinity Stones were lost in the Ultraverse...

Meanwhile, at the end of Bob Harras and Steve Epting's epic run on Avengers, Black Knight and Sersi had been written out of the series by going off together into an alternate dimension. We did not know it at the time (and it is unlikely that Harras even knew it at the time) but it turned out that the two heroes ended up in the Ultraverse, but they were split apart when they arrived there.

Black Knight showed up in the United States in Ultraforce #8 (by Marv Wolfman, Hank Kanalz, George Perez, Keith Aiken and Mark Morales)...

The Ultraforce was essentially the Avengers of the Ultraverse, a team made up of most of the major heroes of the universe. Black Knight ended up joining the team while looking for Sersi.

As it turned out, some other Marvel character found Sersi first - the Grandmaster!

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