Marvel Reveals Three More Artists Joining Ed McGuinness on Avengers


When writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness relaunch Avengers for Marvel's "Fresh Start" publishing initiative, the series is scheduled to release 18 issues per year, which is more than what a typical comic would publisher in a calendar year.

With this being such a large load for one artist to handle by himself, Marvel plans to give McGuinness time to recharge his creative batteries by rotating in three additional illustrators throughout the run: Sara Pichelli, Paco Medina and David Marquez.

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Marvel Executive Editor Tom Breevort laid out the artistic schedule for Avengers in an interview with CBR: "Ed is doing phenomenal work on the series, as you’d expect. He’s very much in his wheelhouse drawing huge and crazy things! But in addition to Ed -- and the aforementioned Sara Pichelli, whom I mentioned earlier -- we’re also going to have Paco Medina, fresh from 'No Surrender,' in the mix, and a little bit further down the line, David Marquez."

Breevort would go on to say that Pichelli's first issue will be Avengers #7, a stand-alone issue featuring the origin of the Mastodon-riding Ghost Rider of the Avengers 1,000,000 BC, first seen in last year's Marvel Legacy #1.

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Avengers #1, by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness, arrives in May 2018 from Marvel Comics.

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