Marvel: The 10 Most Dangerous Students To Attend Avengers Academy, Ranked

When it's time for Earth's Mightiest Heroes to prepare the next generation of super-powered protectors, the obvious choice is to open a school to help train them staffed by Avengers alumni. It's always worked well for the X-Men so it only makes sense for the Avengers to do the same. Still, trying to guide young people with amazing abilities they may not understand is a good idea.

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Many of the students of Avengers Academy are definitely powerful and potentially dangerous, some on a level that even the Avengers should be concerned about. Several students were manipulated and experimented on by Norman Osborn before being brought into the program. Avengers Academy was the best chance guide them into helping society, rather than hurting it. Hopefully.

10 Wiz Kid

This techno-forming mutant should not be underestimated. Taki can create pretty much anything he wants out of any machinery that's nearby, as long as he has access to a power source for his constructs. He can work with materials like metal, plastic and glass. Predominantly, he manipulates his own wheelchair to make things.

On top of that, Taki is good with computers and electronics in general, so he is able to develop some interesting designs using that knowledge. His potential to create destructive, devastating technology is incredibly high, not that he necessarily would.

9 Power Man

After deciding to use his powers to fight evil, Victor Alvarez took the name Power Man, the moniker Luke Cage went by in his early days. Like Luke Cage, Alvarez has been known to get paid for using his powers to help people.

The interesting thing about Alvarez is that his strength and invulnerability come from drawing in chi energy, which is more consistent with Cage's partner, Iron First. Alvarez is kind of like Heroes for Hire rolled into one person. His abilities are vast and impressive, though they require consistent control to be utilized correctly.

8 Finesse

When there's a sizable chance that you're the biological daughter of Taskmaster, you are definitely dangerous. Finesse is a polymath with the ability to learn anything in an extremely short amount of time, including fighting techniques. She's an incredibly proficient fighter but also lacks emotions due to her powers.

It's one of the reasons she became close friends with X-23 as they're both talented killers who are running low on emotions. Finesse is one of the people at the Academy that everyone should be afraid of so it's a good thing she had some guidance.

7 Mettle

Ken Mack used to be an easy-going surfer in Hawaii. One day, he took a surfboard off the skull and the injury revealed the red armor hiding underneath. His body is made of Iridium, making him invulnerable and strong.

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The sudden evolution of his powers came as shock to Ken, which drove him to Norman Osborn for help. Unfortunately, Ken was one of the young powered people Norman screwed with during Dark Reign, leaving him unable to feel basic human sensations. Mettle is powerful, but he's also scared of his own powers and doesn't know his own strength.

6 Hazmat

Developing the ability to emit harmful radiation during your teens sounds like the origin story of a mutant in the Marvel Universe, but it wasn't in the case of Hazmat. Keeping in mind that no one is sure why her powers developed, the only thing that is known is that they're not mutant in nature.

The radiation she emits is deadly so Hazmat has to wear a protective suit to keep everyone around her safe. The suit also allows her to focus that radiation into destructive blasts. When you're essentially a walking nuclear disaster, it's essential that you learn how to control those abilities.

5 Lyra, aka She-Hulk

From Earth in a different reality, Lyra was created in a lab by splicing the respective DNAs of Thundra and the Hulk. This makes her super strong and invulnerable like her father. Well, almost. Unlike her father, the angrier Lyra gets, the weaker she gets, though Bruce Banner may have cured that.

Regardless, she has rage issues that she needs to keep in check, just like the Hulk. The other benefit of staying calm is that she can perceive the gamma radiation that runs through everything around her. This allows Lyra see attacks before they come and find weak points in almost anything.

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4 Juston Seyfert and Mark IV

A gifted young mechanic and engineer, Juston Seyfert came across some strange technology in his father's junkyard. As he worked with it, he eventually discovered he was helping a Sentinel, a giant robot designed to hunt and kill mutants, rebuild itself. Fortunately, Juston reprogrammed it so that it would fight for the forces of good.

Mark IV has all of the typical Sentinel abilities, tech and weapons, though it's not quite as powerful as other Sentinels due to the damage it sustained before Juston started working with it. As they fight and defeat Sentinels, Juston incorporates new technology into Mark IV. In a school also containing mutants, a Sentinel is risky to have around.

3 White Tiger

Ava Ayala is not the first person in her family to take on the mantle of the White Tiger but she's certainly the most dangerous. The current holder of the Jade Tiger Amulet, Ava is granted enhanced strength, speed and agility by it. She has been trained to use those powers in combat by Tigra.

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Unfortunately, Ava isn't as good as controlling the totem's mystical properties, which are derived from the Tiger God that lives inside of it. The Tiger God occasionally overwhelms her, causing White Tiger to turn feral. In this state, she is out of control and incredibly violent.

2 Hybrid

It's hard to be a hero when you're part Dire Wraith, evil offshoots of the Skrulls that can shapeshift, are telepathic and telekinetic, and use dark magic. Hybrid is the offspring of a human woman and a Dire Wraith. Under the guise of Jimmy Marks, he poses as a young mutant who needs help and is taken in by the faculty of Avengers Academy.

They think he's there to train when in reality he's there to feed off their powers and murder half the Academy. That's what you call 'contradictory goals.' Ultimately, he was defeated by the faculty and students, then banished to another dimension.

1 X-23

X-23 is not only the most dangerous member of Avengers Academy, she's one of the most dangerous members of the Marvel Universe. A clone of Wolverine, she shares his enhanced senses, healing factor, endurance, and claws, which have been coated in adamantium.

Unlike Wolverine, she has two claws in each hand and one in each foot. X-23 has also been trained in a myriad of armed and unarmed combat techniques, making her a virtually unstoppable killing machine. Essentially, she's Wolverine with even better training and fewer compunctions when it comes to killing.

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