Marvel Asks Fans to "Vote Loki" in New Presidential Election-Based Series

It's Super Tuesday, and as presidential primaries in multiple states unfold, a new candidate has entered the race -- at least in the Marvel Universe. Marvel has announced a new "Vote Loki" series, slated to start in June and paying off previous "Vote Loki" teasers released late last month. No creative team information has been revealed, nor the scheduled number of issues for the series.

Here's the description released thus far: "All-new series places a different candidate on the ballot this presidential election season." There's also a tagline of "Believe" -- with the "lie" in the word written in red to reinforce Loki's trickster god status.

Marvel released two "Vote Loki" covers to accompany the announcement, a main cover by Tradd Moore and a variant by Valerio Schiti and Israel Silva, which features both Angela (seemingly acting as a bodyguard, if the sunglasses are any indication) and Captain America (Sam Wilson), visibly (and unsurprisingly) displeased with Loki's stump speech.

American comic books have a long history of publishing fictional stories inspired by real-life presidential election years. In 2000, Lex Luthor ran -- successfully -- for president in the America of DC Comics' DC Universe; in 2012 Captain America became president in Marvel's Ultimate Universe. America's current president, Barack Obama, has a long history in comics, including an appearance in "Amazing Spider-Man" and an endorsement from "Savage Dragon."

Marvel is currently running a Twitter poll to see if the company's followers would vote for Loki -- and so far, it looks like the answer is mostly yes:

Would you vote for Loki? #Loki2016

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) March 1, 2016

Buoyed by the popularity of Tom Hiddleston's performance in Marvel Studios' film franchise, Loki has starred in several comic book series in recent years, most recently "Loki: Agent of Asgard." That series, written by Al Ewing and primarily illustrated by Lee Garbett, wrapped last summer with issue #17.

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