Marvel art by Lee, Sienkiewicz and Villarrubia featured in Museum of Illustration

Official Press Release

The artwork from the series SENTRY/HULK by Bill Sienkiewicz and JoseVillarrubia and FANTASTIC FOUR: 1234 by Jae Lee and Villarrubia was chosenfor the 44th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Illustrators to be shown inthe Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration and featured inthe book ILLUSTRATORS 44. These exhibit and book showcase the best AmericanIllustration of the year and they are the most prestigious of its kind. Thisyear, for the first time, the exhibition includes sequential art. Theopening will take place on February 5th.

Here's more information about the exhibit and the book:

The Society of Illustrators

Museum of American Illustration

Gallery 2

128 East 63rd St.

New York, NY 10021



Feb. 6 - Feb. 23, 2002


A new component of the Annual Exhibition for those uses where the sequenceof images is necessary to fully illustrate the idea. The final art will beexhibited for such projects as: Animation (TV, film, WEB, video games),Comix, graphic novels and art journalism.


The Society of Illustrators Annual of American Illustration remains theoriginal and most comprehensive compilation of illustration on the market,and Illustrators 44 is by far the best reference source for the latesttrends in an ever-changing industry. Each year a jury of professionalsselects, from over 6,000 entries, Gold and Silver medals for excellence in Editorial,Book, Advertising, Institutional, Sequential and Uncommissioned/UnpublishedIllustration. The results are presented in this valuable reference: over 500dazzling, full-color examples of innovative, exciting work by establishedillustrators. Illustrators 44 is an indispensable sourcebook of classicsolutions, intriguing ideas, and creative insight.

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