Marvel Approached Mark Millar to Write "Civil War II"

In May, Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez are bringing "Civil War II" to the Marvel Universe, but according to Bendis, he's only heading up the sequel because the writer of the original series declined the offer to return.

"I was always part of the 'Civil War' DNA, as it were, and when [Marvel Comics] started thinking seriously about doing 'Civil War II' they called me -- right after they called Mark [Millar]," Bendis told CBR News in an interview about the sequel and his and Marquez's other title, "Invincible Iron Man." "We started talking about it. I did say, 'Please let Mark and Steve [McNiven] know, because it's their book.' Steve and Mark were happy to not do it again. So we felt more inclined to take the reins."

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As for what "Civil War II" is about, Bendis is still playing it close to the vest. "I'm not going to talk too much about who the players are," he told CBR. "We are not announcing that yet. There's one image out of two people hitting each other, but that doesn't mean they're the main players of the book, by any stretch of the imagination."

"Civil War II" arrives in May 2016.

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