Marvel Announces X-Men: Prime One-Shot, Reveals New ResurrXion Info


Now that the full ResurrXion lineup of X-Men comics has been announced, Marvel has revealed that there's one specific comic that will bridge the gap between the end of "Inhumans vs. X-Men" and the launch of the new line next spring. As announced via Entertainment Weekly, that comic will be the standalone one-shot "X-Men: Prime."

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Described as a primer for the X-Men as they enter ResurrXion, the issue will be written by many of the writers of the upcoming slate of X-books and illustrated primarily by Ken Lashley. “It’s a book that represents the X-Men line going forward, as everyone plants their seeds,” "X-Men: Prime" editor Daniel Ketchum said. “We’re just at the tail end of the war. They’re literally picking up the pieces.”


The cover for "X-Men: Prime" was provided by "X-Men Gold" artist Ardian Syaf and features colors by Laura Martin. It's also worth pointing out that while Wolverine (Laura Kinney) is missing from all of the recently announced books, she's right there on the cover alongside all the rest of the ResurrXion characters.

The interviews with X-Men editors Daniel Ketchum and Mark Paniccia also reveal new details about a few of the book. For example, "X-Men Blue" will feature additional members, one of which will be hinted at in the first issue. Paniccia indicated that the new member might be a woman, commenting on the fact that right now the lineup is mostly men.

It was also revealed that a character from the original Generation X lineup will also return in the new "Generation X" series by Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna -- but editor Daniel Ketchum says they'll be a villain. “One of the villains is actually from the original series because we wanted to make sure we paid homage to the predecessors,” teased Ketchum. Whether or not this character was a hero or villain in the original series remains unclear.

“ResurrXion is all about embracing the [X-Men’s] original dream of coexisting with humans and fighting together to make a better world. All the books in some way, shape, or form, embrace that idea,” said Ketchum of the line's mission statement “We’re going to get back to flights, and tights, and capes, and all the classic X-Men tropes. We very much want to harken back to that era where it’s the most classic iteration of the X-Men.”

ResurrXion begins with the release of “X-Men Gold” #1, “X-Men Blue” #1, “Generation X” #1, “Weapon X” #1, “Jean Grey” #1, “Iceman” #1 and “Cable” #1 in spring 2017.

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