Marvel Announces Weapon X Ongoing Under ResurrXion Banner


Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement of an "Iceman" ongoing series comes news of another new ongoing series: "Weapon X."

Coming soon: “Weapon X” #1 #ResurrXion pic.twitter.com/mSh82UjSfq

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) October 18, 2016

The Weapon X name has an extensive history with the X-Men. Weapon X is a secret operation tasked with experimenting on subjects and turning them into weapons; for the most part, those subjects are mutants. The program expanded into Canada's Department K and unleashed its most notable creation Wolverine in "Incredible Hulk" #181. Over the years, many writers have expanded on the Weapon X mythos, with other characters (like Deadpool, Sabretooth, Maverick, etc.) and branches/parent organizations (like Grant Morrison's Weapon Plus) enhancing Weapon X's prominence.

A number of series have also used the name "Weapon X" before, as well. The first storyline to bear the title ran in "Marvel Comics Presents" #72-84 and told the origin of Wolverine. The "Wolverine" ongoing transformed into "Weapon X" for four issues during 1995's "Age of Apocalypse" event. The 2002 "Weapon X" series was a team book starring the program's lethal agents. The most recent ongoing, 2009's "Wolverine: Weapon X," continued Jason Aaron's lengthy run with the character.

It's not clear from this teaser what "Weapon X" will focus on. Moments from the entirety of the program's history are included in the image. A creative team has not been announced, but it has been given a spring 2017 release date.

"Weapon X" is the latest X-Men series announcement from Marvel. Unified under the "ResurrXion" banner, Marvel has now announced ongoings for "Iceman" and "Weapon X." There's also the mysterious matter of "RessurXion" itself and whether or not the name is also the title of an upcoming event, limited series or both.

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