Marvel Announces Weapon X Creative Team, Deadly Roster


Following announcements all week long revealing the creators and casts of the next line of X-Men series, Marvel.com has revealed what's in store for the new "Weapon X" title. The series will be written by Greg Pak with art by Greg Land. The series will mark the first time Pak and Land have worked together since "X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong." The new "Weapon X" book will star Old Man Logan and Sabretooth as they fight to stop the revived Weapon X program -- a program that's taken an even deadlier turn.

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"The Weapon X program is back, and it’s more deadly than ever -- but this time its objective isn’t just to use mutants. Now it wants to exterminate them," said Pak of the new series. "And the powers and abilities of this new Weapon X threat are so terrifying that you need both heroes and villains teaming up to handle it."


In addition to Old Man Logan and Sabretooth, the core team starring in the book will include Domino, Lady Deathstrike and Warpath. Pak added that he will also use "some familiar faces" as well as "some totally new surprises" in the series in addition to the main cast. A major part of the new series' mystery, though, will be the identity of the person behind the new Weapon X.

"I feel like we’ve got a really fun, focused group with these five characters," said Pak of his cast. "Each one of them makes total sense in the team, given the mission, but they all have their own distinct ethical codes and backgrounds, even speech patterns, that are all different in very fun ways."

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The series will pair Old Man Logan with a character he hasn't spent much time with in this universe -- Sabretooth. "They’re a blast to write together; you can put those two characters together and fun things will just happen," said Pak. "They’re so similar, and yet have different ways for dealing with the world and totally different sets of morals and ethics. So for them to find common ground and fight alongside each other instead of against each other, it’s a fun challenge."

Overall, Pak promises "big, blockbuster action" in the series. "It’s going to be a big satisfying series of huge emotional and physical explosions. It’s the kind of thing that I love to do, which is combine big genre action with genuine emotional story. And we’ve got great, smart, terrifying villains, so it’s going to be very satisfying to see our team take them on."

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"Weapon X" #1 from Greg Pak and Greg Land will debut in spring 2017 along with the new "Jean Grey," "Generation X," "Iceman," and "X-Men Blue" and "X-Men Gold" series.

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