Marvel Announces Two X-Men Team Books

Closing out a week of reveals, Marvel has announced two more titles for the "ResurrXion" line: "X-Men Blue" and "X-Men Gold." The two ongoing team books join previously announced series "Cable," "Generation X," "Jean Grey," "Weapon X" and "Iceman." Marvel announced both series via Marvel.com.

Creative teams and rosters for the two X-Men team books remain unknown. Like the rest of the "ResurrXion" series, "X-Men Blue" and "X-Men Gold" will arrive in stores next spring.

The titles of these series harken back to a number of eras in the X-Men's history. Blue and gold have long been the colors for the Xavier School, dating all the way back to the original team's uniform. Depending on the Silver Age colorist's choice, those uniforms were gold and either blue or black. Blue and gold later became the color scheme of choice for the X-Men's iconic leader Cyclops. The color combo came into play once again in the early '90s when Jim Lee redesigned the original team uniform and outfitted the X-Men in updated blue and gold suits. And once the X-Men ditched the team look for individual ones in 1991, the color combo carried over into the names of their two strike teams: the Blue team and the Gold team.

The Blue team debuted in 1991's "X-Men" #1 and starred Cyclops, Rogue, Gambit, Wolverine, Beast, Psylocke and Jubilee. The Gold team arrived that same month in "Uncanny X-Men" #281 and consisted of Storm, Jean Grey, Archangel, Iceman, Colossus and Bishop. The Blue/Gold dynamic lasted for a couple of years, until a point in the mid-'90s when both teams subtly merged and all X-Men started appearing in both team books. While X-books have had more defined and separate rosters over the recent years, the only thing really differentiating them has been the title of the comic itself; it's been a while since the teams used color names to stand apart. "X-Men Blue" and "X-Men Gold" will change that.

"X-Men Blue" and "X-Men Gold" will arrive in spring 2017.

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