Marvel Announces Third Variant Cover for "New Avengers" #1

Official Press Release

The response to Marvel Comics' make-over of their blockbuster super hero team the Avengers has been nothing short of phenomenal. As unveiled in USA Today, Marvel's "Dream Team" of costumed classics like Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, and Luke Cage has set fire to fans' imaginations and has led to intense interest in The New Avengers #1. Due to popular demand, Marvel will go back to press on this introductory issue...and they've got it covered with yet another spectacular treat for frantic followers of this newest super-team.

The third variant cover of The New Avengers #1 will feature an extra-special new cover by none other than Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada.

The variant cover's amazing origins are linked to the star-studded alternate covers for The New Avengers #1-6; it's Quesada's original sketch for the complete six-part art that's formed by the covers. Fans will be able to possess this titanic image in two distinct formats: Quesada's new cover and by linking the 6 alternate covers together as one.

Marvel is also pleased to announce that retailers orders are not tied in to any of the other variant printings of The New Avengers #1 ...but fans will still want to grab theirs fast because when word gets out, this new printing of the introduction of the greatest super-team ever is going to FLY!

This additional version of The New Avengers #1 is due in comic shops on Dec. 15th. Please visit Marvel.com to view every one of these legend-in-the-making covers.


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