Marvel Announces "Thanos: The Infinity Finale" Graphic Novel from Starlin & Lim

In 2016, Jim Starlin and Ron Lim will reunite for Marvel Comics' "Thanos: The Infinity Finale," which will conclude their "Thanos" trilogy. The graphic novel will directly follow their work on "Thanos: The Infinity Revelation" and "Thanos: The Infinity Relativity."

In an interview with Marvel.com, Starlin offered a few hints about what's to come in "The Infinity Finale," including why he chose Annihilus to face down Thanos: "I always thought him a great and bizarre villain and wanted to up his game and the stakes he played for to a level that would make him a worthy adversary for the Mad Titan. Plus with him getting the ultimate power source, it gave me a chance to play with some concepts I've longed to toy with." According to Starlin, those concepts include, but are not limited to, infinite realities, omni-reality perception, the instability of actuality and the limits of omnipotence.

He also revealed that, when Thanos returns, he will not be alone -- whether or not his supporting cast likes it. "Quite a few of Marvel's more cosmic characters will be quite unwillingly showing up in this story, including but by no means limited to the Silver Surfer, Galactus, Gladiator, Thor, the Hulk, Black Bolt, Doctor Doom, etc," he shared. "There's also a very special and unexpected guest star stepping onto the stage near the end of our tale."

As to what makes Lim the right artistic choice for this book, Starlin said, "Ron and I have always been on the same page when it comes to storytelling. We don't see each other all that often but that aspect of our relationship has remained strong through both time and space. Maybe we're cosmic twins? Besides, Ron started off with me on this tale, way back in the 'Thanos Annual.' It's only fitting we leave the dance together."

"'Infinity Finale' just might be my swan song with these characters," he concluded, describing the book as "a fun-filled mind-blowing ride on the cosmic rollercoaster."

Jim Starlin and Ron Lim's "Thanos: The Infinity Finale" is scheduled to arrive at retailers in 2016.

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