Marvel Gives Rocket Raccoon a Rebirth with All-New Series


Everyone's favorite fuzzy, weapons-wielding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy lands an all-new series this May when Al Ewing and Adam Gorham present "Rocket."

The series, announced via Marvel.com, will, place Rocket in a precarious situation involving the Technet, a gang of intergalactic mercenaries who famously plagued Captain Britain, Excalibur, and the X-Men over the years.

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As his current situation unfolds, "Rocket" will also fill in some of the blanks found between Rocket's years as a denizen on Halfword and his current status as a Guardian. "We’ve padded out his backstory slightly by giving him some 'wild years' post-Halfworld," Ewing promised. "We’ll explain it all in issue #1. So we’ve had an interesting time showing flashes of these shadowy pasts he doesn’t like to talk about much."

As for why the diminutive hero finds himself once more on the other side of the law, Ewing assures fans, he does so for all the right reasons.

"He goes back in for heroic reasons — the best reasons, really — in order to help an old friend-slash-something-more," Ewing explained. "But I wouldn’t consider it too much of a spoiler to say that the situation goes south very quickly, and takes Rocket with it. Once back in that life, Rocket finds himself very much back in it, and as things get crazier, so do the heists. I’d call it very much a 'caper' book."

"Rocket," by Al Ewing and Adam Gorham and a cover by Mike Mayhew, arrives in May

"Rocket Reborn" #1 cover art by Mike Mayhew
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