Marvel Announces New "Punisher" Series, "International Iron Man" and More

Marvel is set to announce multiple new series today as part of a retailer presentation at MCM Comic Con in London. Along with "Nighthawk" -- which CBR announced with the exclusive first interview with writer David Walker -- the publisher has made the following new series official.

  • "International Iron Man." Writer Brian Michael Bendis first hinted he may be writing a second Iron Man title beyond "Invincible Iron Man" back in July, and that title is "International Iron Man." It's illustrated by Bendis' longtime collaborator Alex Maleev, who he's previously worked with on "Daredevil," "Scarlet" and "Moon Knight."
  • "The Punisher." Frank Castle is back in a new series from writer Becky Cloonan and artist Steve Dillon. While Cloonan -- currently writing "Southern Cross" at Image Comics and co-writing "Gotham Academy" at DC Comics -- is new to the Punisher, it's Dillon's return to a character he's been heavily associated with since 2000, and the first of his multiple acclaimed runs on "Punisher" with writer Garth Ennis.
  • "Hyperion." Nighthawk isn't the only member of the Squadron Supreme starring in a new series. "Hyperion" is on the way, from the creative team of writer Chuck Wendig -- the author of recently released novel "Star Wars: Aftermath," who made his comic book debut this year as co-writer of "The Shield" at Archie Comics' Dark Circle Comics imprint -- and artist Nik Virella, most recently seen on "Secret Wars" series "1872."
  • "X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever." Say Anything lead singer Max Bemis has been steadily building a second career as a comic book writer with multiple miniseries at BOOM! Studios, and made his Marvel debut in late 2013 with a story in "A+X." The "Worst X-Men" ever miniseries, illustrated by Michael Walsh, introduces new mutant Bailey Hoskins, who may be the titular "worst X-Man ever."

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