Marvel Announces Elektra Ongoing by Netflix's Luke Cage Writer

Marvel Comics' top assassin moves west in 2017, when the new ongoing "Elektra" series takes the title character across the country, to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Written by comic book newcomer Matt Owens, who cut his teeth on the Marvel Universe as one of the writers on Netflix's "Luke Cage," and illustrated by Alec Morgan, the series transplants the character from her familiar hunting grounds of Daredevil's dark and dirty Hell's Kitchen in New York to the bright lights of Sin City.

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"When we find Elektra in this story she is trying to hide in plain sight," Morgan told Marvel.com of his approach to the character and her latest title. "She’s running. From everything. Vegas is a place that is extremely unfamiliar to her so that makes it perfect for her to hide out. But much like New York, Vegas has a dark side. And Elektra may not be able to stay out of trouble for long."

The villain of the series, Arcade, is be one Marvel readers are familiar with, having last been seen as the mastermind behind the murderous live television deaths of a number of teenage heroes in "Avengers Arena" and "Avengers Undercover." The classic Marvel bad guy presents a new challenge to Elektra, however, as she attempts to re-ground her life in a new city -- and his actions may quickly drive her back to New York.

"[Arcade] is so kooky. But at the same time he is not someone to be underestimated," Morgan explained of the series' antagonist. H"e’s a brilliant inventor and a sadistic killer. He’s incredibly dangerous. It’s a different kind of threat for Elektra. As far as his interest in Elektra, she is one of the most formidable killers in the Marvel Universe. She fits perfectly into the new game he has constructed. So when she comes on his radar he simply can’t resist!

"The events in Vegas and the events that lead her back to New York are directly tied to one another. The harder she fights the pull, the quicker she gets sucked back in. We’re hoping to take her back pissed off and maybe with some new toys."

"Elektra" #1, written by Matt Owens with art by Alec Morgan and featuring a cover by Elizabeth Torque, arrives in February 2017.

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