Marvel Comics Announces Death's Head Limited Series

Marvel's classic intergalactic bounty hunter Death's Head is set to return in a new limited series later this year from Tini Howard and Kei Zama. This cult-favorite character will also be teamed up with a pair of fan-favorite Young Avengers, Wiccan and Hulkling.

Announced today at Marvel's Women of Marvel panel at C2E2 in Chicago, the new series will start on a rather sour note, as revealed by Howard. "The book starts out when Death's Head realizes he's not as good as he used to be," Howard stated. "He's told all the newer models do it better than you, and I was thinking about who would be a good character to pair him with. Wiccan and Hulking team with him in this."

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In addition, a tweet from Marvel Vice President and Cretive Executive of New Media, Ryan Penagos has revealed covers by artist Nick Roche, one of which features Death's Head playing a guitar at a concert, as well as some preview pages and the confirmation that the first issue will be released in July.

Created by writer Simon Furman and artist Geoff Senior in the pages of Transformers UK #113 in 1987, Death's Head is a robotic bounty hunter--or as he prefers to be called, a "freelance peacekeeping agent"--created using both technology and magic to house the life force of his creator, Ty Rejutka Lupex, as Lupex’s energies consumed his organic hosts too fast.

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To keep Hasbro, the owner of Transformers, from gaining ownership of the character, Death's Head actually appeared in a single-page strip called High Noon Tex--written by Furman and penciled by Bryan Hitch--before his debut in the Transformers comic, and would go on to become the face of Marvel UK throughout the 1990s. Since then, Death's Head has made occasional appearances around the Marvel Universe in titles such as Iron Man.

Written by Tini Howard and penciled by Kei Zama, the Death's Head limited series is set for release in July.

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