Marvel Announces "Contest Of Champions" Series From Ewing, Medina

Marvel will launch "Contest of Champions" this fall, a new comic book series based on the Marvel video game co-created by Kabam. According to CNET, writer Al Ewing ("Captain America and the Mighty Avengers") and artist Paco Medina ("Nova") will adapt the video game to the printed page in a comic that CBR News has confirmed takes place in Marvel's post-"Secret Wars" continuity.

"Where are the trapped heroes stored when they aren't fighting?," asked Ewing, referring to the premise of the "Contest of Champions" game, in which players pit Marvel heroes and villains against each other in hand-to-hand combat. "And if they're in a prison, do they try to escape?" Ewing says the comic will answer this question, and more.

The series will also be used to introduce new characters to the Marvel Universe, heroes that will also be added to the "Contest of Champions" game. This includes Guillotine, a character possessed of a magic sword that dates back to the French Revolution, who was created as part of a collaboration between "Contest of Champions' developer Kabam and Marvel artists.

The cover art features Maestro, who's depicted in a thumbs-out pose not unlike the emperor in "Gladiator." An evil and older version of the Hulk, Maestro was originally created for the alternate timeline story "Future Imperfect." The villain has made a comeback as part of "Secret Wars'" "Future Imperfect" series, and Marvel has already made it clear that that version of Maestro will stick around in the post-"Secret Wars" continuity.

Also depicted prominently are what appears to be a non-Flash Thompson version of Venom, as well as Gamora, who looks to have retained the powers she gained recently at the end of the "Black Vortex" events.

"Contest of Champions" arrives this October.

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