Marvel Announces "Civil War II" Prequel Starring Inhuman Ulysses

"Civil War II" has arrived in the Marvel Universe, and at the center of it all is the Inhuman known as Ulysses. If that name doesn't ring any bells, there's a good reason as the character isn't a major player in Marvel's ever-growing, always battling superhero/supervillain population -- yet.

Granted the power to see the future by the Terrigen mists floating across the planet, the star of an all-new digital Infinite Comic Ulysses has become a student of Karnak, a member of the Inhuman's royal family who has the power to see and exploit the flaw in anything. When the world's heroes become aware of the new Inhuman -- or Nuhuman -- they differ about how to approach him and his abilities.

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In fact, according to "Civil War: Ulysses" writer Al Ewing, not only is Ulysses at the center of the "Civil War II" conflict, "He's the cause of it all!"

In an interview with Blastr, Ewing explains how his and artists Jefte Paolo and Karl Kesel's story sets the table for the company-wide conflict. "Essentially, the war is over whether or not the heroes should be using his powers, and what for," Ewing explains. "But in order to even get to that part, he has to learn how to use his abilities, which is where our Infinite Comic comes in. It's a prequel of sorts; we're following Ulysses as he's taken to the Tower of Wisdom - a sort of Inhuman temple of learning, for want of a better term - to be trained by Karnak, whose Inhuman ability is to see the flaw in all things. Karnak's training methods might be more than Ulysses can handle, though."

Civil War II: Ulysses

Written by AL EWING



"Civil War II: Ulysses" debuts as a Marvel Infinite Comic in June.

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