Marvel announces 'Art of Marvel Comics' hardcover, Preview

Official Press Release

This holiday season, Marvel is celebrating one of the richest creative eras in its storied history when it presents THE ART OF MARVEL COMICS Vol. 1 Hardcover collection. This brand new volume - the first in a new series of "ART OF..." editions - collects page after page of some of the best artwork to come from the drawing boards of the House of Ideas during the past two years, along with some select classic images from the last decade, created by a 'Who's Who'-like roster of the biggest names in comics.

Contributors to this special, high-quality volume include: Kaare Andrews, Mark Bagley, Julie Bell, Tim Bradstreet, J. Scott Campbell, John Cassaday,Richard Corben, ChrisCross, Gabriele Dell'Otto, Vince Evans, David Finch,Bryan Hitch, Greg Horn, Stuart Immonen, Richard Isanove, J.G. Jones, JoeJusko, Dale Keown, Sam Kieth, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, Bob Larkin, SalvadorLarroca, Jae Lee, Joseph Michael Linsner, David Mack, Alex Maleev, TomMarvelli, Josh Middleton, Rudolfo Migliari, Glen Orbick, Joe Quesada, FrankQuitely, Esad Ribic, John Romita Jr., Alex Ross, Steve Rude, Tim Sale, BillSienkiewicz, Mark Texeira, Matt Wagner, Lee Weeks and Mike Wieringo.

This new hardcover series is being created especially for loyal MarvelComics fans who want a keepsake collection of their favorite publisher's best artwork over this landmark period in its history, as well as for art lovers and fans of all comic books who want to proudly display on their coffee tables or bookshelves the best of what this often overlooked art form has to offer.

The book will be supported by a special promotion on the SCI FI Network's website, www.scifi.com, with a special sneak peek of select ART OF MARVELCOMICS pages, beginning September 22nd.

"All of the early comic books I purchased as a young kid were Marvelcomics," said contributing artist J. Scott Campbell. "All of the artists that influenced me the most have been Marvel artists. After being in the business now for about ten years, it's been a real childhood realization and pure blast to have been able to draw Spider-Man and play even just a small part in this icon's history!"

Added upcoming ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR artist Adam Kubert, "I'm flattered to have been included in The Art of Marvel Comics and very proud to have been part of Marvel's resurgence over the past few years."

The ART OF MARVEL COMICS is a 128-page hardcover volume with a retail cover price of $29.99. On sale November 5th, 2003 and in time for the gift-giving season, retailers are reminded its special advanced Final Order Cut-off is September 11th. Readers, please ask your local comic book retailer to reserve you a copy.

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