Marvel Announces Anthology-Style "Enchanted Tiki Room" Disney Kingdoms Series

In its latest Disney Kingdoms comic, Marvel is set to introduce readers to the secrets of the "Enchanted Tiki Room."

Announced via Inside the Magic, the 5-issue series is described as featuring "anthology-like" storytelling, with each issue featuring a different tale.

"Essentially what we have is sort of a 'Fantasy Island'-like scenario, where each week, visitors are coming to the island." writer Jon Adams told ITM. "And for this series, everyone that's coming there, whether or not they know it, they're facing some sort of personal issues. And through the series they learn and grow and eventually, if all goes well, then they resolve those issues and are better for it in the end."

"Disney Kingdoms Enchanted Tiki Room," by writer Jon Adams and Horatio Domingues, with covers by Brian Kesinger, arrives in October 2016.

Welcome to the Enchanted Tiki Room, a place of legend...of fantasy...and mystery. Here-on an isolated island populated by talking (and singing) birds and plants and ancient Tiki gods-almost anything can happen and does. As the next boat arrives with new visitors, what stories will unfold, what mysteries will be revealed and how are they all connected? Summer ain't over yet, so grab your flip-flops, pop open your beach chair, and book your vacation with the latest Disney Kingdoms series!

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