Marvel Announces Ant-Man Prose Novel "Natural Enemy"

Marvel has announced via a press release that Ant-Man will be the star of one of the publisher's upcoming original prose novels. "Ant-Man: Natural Enemy" will arrive in mid-2015, just before the diminutive Avenger jumps onto the big screen. The full-length novel comes from crime writer Jason Starr ("Wolverine MAX," "Twisted City").

The novel will depict Lang as an ex con, single parent and part-time super hero struggling to adjust to a new city alongside his teenage daughter, Cassie. Ant-Man's chance at a fresh start will be threatened when a figure from his shady past arrives, possibly hoping to steal Lang's size-changing tech.

Judging by the description given, it looks like "Natural Enemy" will exist somewhere outside of comic book continuity. In the comics, Cassie died at the end of "Avengers: The Children's Crusade" just as Scott Lang was resurrected. Lang, who initially died during the events of "Avengers Disassembled," was absent for most of Cassie's teenage years, which saw her become the size-shifting hero called Stature. It's also likely that this novel is set outside of Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity as well, since it has not yet been revealed if Paul Rudd's version of Scott will even have a daughter.

The novel is set to be released on June 3, 2015. The feature film "Ant-Man" will arrive in theaters later that summer on July 17. The novel's announcement comes as Marvel begins to push the previously little-known character to the forefront; Scott Lang also has an ongoing series from writer Nick Spencer and artist Ramon Rosanas that debuts in January.

Official Press Release

Small in Stature. Large in Word Count. Get Ready for the Ant-Man Original Prose Novel!

Just in time for his silver-screen debut, the Astonishing Ant-Man is making the leap to prose fiction! Prepare for Marvel's smallest hero in his biggest story yet as he breaks new ground and charts new territory in ANT-MAN: NATURAL ENEMY -an all-new, full length prose novel! Debuting in 2015 from critically acclaimed crime writer Jason Starr (Twisted City,Wolverine MAX), ANT-MAN: NATURAL ENEMY brings all the action of Marvel Comics to the exciting new world of prose fiction!

Meet Scott Lang: ex con, single parent and part-time super hero. Settling in to a new city with his teenage daughter, Cassie, can be hard enough. Yet when a criminal from Scott's past comes gunning for them, his new beginning is in serious jeopardy. But is the killer after Scott - or the secrets of the Ant-Man technology?

"Marvel's exciting line of prose novels offer a completely new window into the Marvel Universe," says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. "Whether you're an Ant-Man fan, or looking to experience a new story featuring the breakout character of 2015, this novel is going to be an exciting thrill ride from cover to cover."

Pushed to the brink, how far would Scott Lang go to protect his only child? Strap in as the Astonishing Ant-Man embarks on a twisted journey of desperation, secrets and adventure at a microscopic level in ANT-MAN: NATURAL ENEMY - coming in 2015!


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