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As we head into the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are many rumors and speculations about where the franchise is heading next. With the "Infinity Saga" finished, many fans are assuming that the MCU will continue to explore cosmic events for their over-arching story.

This has led many fans to the assumption that we will be seeing an adaptation of the epic Annihilation event on the big screen at some point in the near future. if that is indeed the case, then you might want to check out or re-read the cosmic event before it heads to the MCU, and thankfully Comixology has a few great deals to bring the event home to your online library.

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The Annihilation event was told from the perspective of a few cosmic characters who have already appeared in the MCU, including Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax. but the event also features other great cosmic characters that have yet to make the transition, like Nova, Quasar, Adam Warlock, and the big bad of the book, Annihilius.

These first two collections feature the buildup to the Annihilation Wave that includes Drax's latest transformation, Nova's ascension into a cosmically-powered hero, and a look at how the Annihilation Wave affects the rest of the galaxy with minis starring characters like Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull, and Ronan the Accuser.


Annihilation Conquest

The first Annihilation proved to be so successful that Marvel's cosmic line of titles made plans to expand during the sequel event, Annihilation: Conquest. This series tackled a new galaxy-wide threat from the alien Phalanx, who had been taken over by one of Earth's greatest villains, Ultron.

Conquest saw the birth of the modern-day Guardians of the Galaxy who found fame on the big screen. The event would also set the course for the future of Marvel's cosmic line that would lead to other events like the Realm of Kings/War of Kings and The Thanos Imperative.


Finally, after the Marvel Universe had fallen under attack so many times, a group was formed out of the surviving cosmic heavy hitters left in the universe after The Thanos Imperative to prevent further attacks. Like the Guardians who came before them, this group would use their immense power to stop the threats before they became too big to handle.

They took on the name of the Annihilators and were formed by Cosmo the Spacedog in honor of his fallen friend Star-Lord. The short-lived team consisted of Silver Surfer, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Ronan the Accuser, Gladiator, and Ikon the Space Knight, and would even find themselves on Earth working alongside/fighting against the Avengers in the second trade.

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