Marvel Celebrates Star Wars with Original Series' #50 Facsimile Edition

Marvel Comics is celebrating its 80th anniversary by releasing a special facsimile edition of the 1977 Star Wars #50.

Coinciding with May’s upcoming Star Wars #108 one-shot from Matthew Rosenberg and artists Giuseppe Camuncoli, Luke Ross, Kerry Gammill and Andrea Broccardo, the facsimile will feature a full reprint of the issue's classic story, ads and all, from writer Archie Williams and artists Al Williamson, Tom Palmer and Walter Simonson.

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With new stories of original series characters such as Jaxxon, Amaiza, Domina Tagge, Valance the Hunter and more, Star Wars #108 acts as a direct sequel to Star Wars #50.

"So many true comic legends worked on those books -- Archie Goodwin, Roy Thomas, Walt Simonson, Howard Chaykin, Al Williamson, David Michelinie, Klaus Janson, Jo Duffy and so many more," said Rosenberg in an interview with Comicbook.com. "It's pretty overwhelming to think about, actually. What they made was the product of a very different time in comics, and it's something modern audiences aren't really accustomed to. So while it would be fun, if a little humbling, to try and just impersonate them, we wanted to do something a bit different, something that would appeal to classic and modern fans alike.”

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Star Wars #63 by Kieron Gillen and Angel Unzueta will hit shelves on Mar. 20.

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