Marvel Animation Set to Travel to Spider-Island in 2017


It's no secret that Marvel Animation and Disney XD have a new Spider-Man cartoon in the works, but most of the details about the series remain under wraps. In fact, aside from a brief description telling us it will take place in Peter Parker's early days as Spidey and a vague debut date of July 2017, we really know very little about "Marvel's Spider-Man," the show scheduled to replace the recently concluded "Ultimate Spider-Man."

Until now, that is. In an interview with CBR about the season finale of "Avengers: Ultron Revolution," Marvel Animation Vice President Steve Wacker revealed an upcoming storyline his team is working on adapting from the comics.

"Another story we have coming up on the Spidey side… we’ll get to 'Spider Island' at some point," Wacker told CBR. "That was a big Spider-Man story in publishing."

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"Spider-Island" was an event that weaved in and out of Marvel's "Spider-Man" family of titles in 2011. In the story, Manhattan's citizens found themselves with powers similar to Spidey's, only to learn that with great powers came horrifying side effects.

Of course, the adaptation could be earmarked for a show other than "Marvel's Spider-Man," but it's such a character-specific story, it'd be surprised if it was. Either way, it looks to be coming to television in the near future of Marvel and Disney XD programming -- and it may not be the only major comic book storyline getting the cartoon treatment.

"The big one for me would be 'Superior Spider-Man.'" Walker answered when asked what other stories he'd like to see make the leap from page to screen. "That was the last big story I worked on in the comics side with Dan Slott. I’m not quite sure how we get there, but I’d love to see it.” Marvel Comics' "Superior Spider-Man" series told the story of what happened when Doctor Octopus seemingly killed and then possessed the body of Peter Parker, and the powers and identity of Spider-Man.

"I’d love 'Annihilation' on the Guardians side," Wacker added, looking to another franchise that's also part of Marvel's animated lineup. "I’m a big fan of the Darkhawks. Pulling that in would be super cool. I guess also, in a lot of ways, it’s important to me that we don’t just pull from the classic stories, but [stories] that newer comic readers might recognize. 'Superior Spider-Man' is a good example. Not something pulled from something 40 years ago all the time, so we’re not retelling the 'Kree/Skull War' or 'Spider-Man: No More.'"

No casting announcements have been made for “Marvel’s Spider-Man.” Philip Pignotti (“Marvel’s Avengers Assemble”) is the supervising director, with Kevin Shinick (“Robot Chicken”) serving as story editor. Consulting producers are Dan Slott (“Spider-Man: Big Time,” “The Superior Spider-Man”), Kevin Burke and Chris “Doc” Wyatt (“Marvel’s Avengers Assemble,” “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man”).

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