Epic Synthetics: The 20 Most Powerful Androids Of The Marvel Universe, Ranked

Artificial intelligence, intuitive computers and robots are just as much part of the Marvel Comics Universe as anything else. From simple assistants to some of Earth's most foremost superheroes, androids and synthezoids can be found all over the galaxy. Whether the intelligent artificial life is friend or foe, there are incredibly powerful individuals who originate from circuits and metals, alloys and alien power sources. There are even androids powered by legendary cosmic items, such as the Cosmic Cube. These synthetic individuals can endear the public to their heroics or inspire terror across countless worlds. The Avengers, X-Men and Agents of Atlas all enjoy the assistance of robotic heroes. Membership on Earth's super teams isn't just restricted to biological lifeforms!

On the reverse, Hank Pym's greatest foe, the infamous Ultron, is an android that he created with his own hands. The fabric of the Marvel Comics landscape is made up of several important arcs that can be tied to androids and robots, such an Annihilation: Conquest. Some individuals are only partly synthetic, enhanced by robotics, rather than comprised of them entirely. Machine-like heroes have been part of the Marvel Comics history's canon for some time, dating as far back as World War Two. The original Human Torch, who joined Captain America and Namor in the struggle against the AXIS forces, was indeed an Android. CBR takes a metal detector to the Marvel Universe to uncover its most powerful synthetic supers!

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Human Robot
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Human Robot

Created all the way back in 1954, Human Robot is a member of the Agents of Atlas. Imprinted with part of the essence of the villain Plan Chu, the robot known as M-11 lay dormant in the sea for a while after absorbing that essence. Found by the Atlantean Namora, cousin to Namor, M-11 was retrieved and became a hero.

Human Robot is made of a bulletproof alloy, has superhuman strength coupled with extendable limbs and can even reassemble itself. M-11 can electrify its body, allowing it to augment its physical attacks. Other powers include forcefield projection and an extremely potent energy ray fired from the eyes.

19 VIV

Marvel Generations Viv Vision

Viv is a synthezoid and the daughter of the Avengers' Vision. She was created by her father during his attempts to understand being human more. She has a combination of Vision and Virginia's brain patterns, ensuring she is not identical to Vision in personality.

Viv has become quite the hero in her own right, joining the Champions alongside several other younger heroes. She shares a lot of similar powers with her father, though her experience in their usage is not as well rounded. Viv is constantly connected to the internet and can even be used as a WiFi hotspot by her teammates.


One of the many creations of the Weapon X program, Lady Deathstrike is not only augmented by adamantium, but is partly an android. Using her signature claws and her augmented aspects, she is capable of fighting almost tirelessly hand-to-hand. She has been a problem for Wolverine for years, though she would later join the Weapon X team alongside him and others from the program.

Her biological aspects still give her human digestion and metabolism, allowing her to take performance-enhancing substances. This was shown in her use of the pills that Nuke uses to enhance his abilities during a mission with the aforementioned team.


Jocasta in Mighty Avengers

Ultron has done a lot of terrible things, but one good thing that he did, however, was create Jocasta. Initially intended to be a mate for Ultron, Jocasta was implanted with a copy of the Wasp's consciousness. Recognizing Ultron and his motives as evil, she rejected her potential partner and aligned herself with the Avengers.

Jocasta has been a great help to the Avengers, helping them to fight several of their most prominent villains. She has also fulfilled support roles, including taking administrative control over all of Tony Stark's A.I. systems and helping to facilitate the shutdown of the dangerous Avengers Academy, after it all went horribly wrong.


the father marvel

Father was part of the Weapon Plus Program, specifically tasked with robotics and android studies. Obsessed with creating a perfect world for Androids, he was lurking in Fantomex's home base, The World. From inside, he attempted to use Deathlok's version of X-Force to take out the actual X-Force.

Thought defeated by Deadpool, Father returned a few years later. He came into contention with the Secret Avengers next, even defeating Eric O'Grady, the Ant-Man of the team. Father had managed to create a vast hidden city full of artificial life and was planning a war on organic life before he was stopped.


Machinesmith got his start by experimenting on an abandoned Doombot. As he grew into adulthood, Samuel Saxon had built so many impressive robots that he was taken as an apprentice by The Tinkerer. He would eventually deal with a serious neck injury, but survive the event to continue his crimes.

Saxon is a formidable foe thanks to his intellect and ability to craft weaponry to combat all kinds of enemies. He can also transfer his consciousness to his creations, meaning he could theoretically live forever with the correct resources. Unlike other beings with this ability, however, he cannot transfer consciousness to a vessel with no power source.


Machine Man actually began life as Mister Machine in the pages of 2001: A Space Odyssey. While he doesn't look like anything outside of the ordinary android, Machine Man has traded blows with the Hulk. He recently worked alongside Red Hulk too, combating several threats worldwide including a genetically engineered Hydra.

Machine Man's abilities include absorption of several different energy types, a litany of exchangeable payloads that he can fire from his fingers and some of his alloys are infused with adamantium. He's also been shown to be able to adapt to and utilize nanotechnology. Machine Man is also unfathomably smart, given his ability to complete complex thoughts and calculations at great speed.


There has been more than one iteration of Deathlok and not all of them have been friendly. In one potential future, Deathlok technology is used to assimilate superheroes into becoming mindless puppets. These Deathloks are then used by the government to act out their will, with an iron fist.

The Uncanny X-Force came into contention with these horrific abominations, who almost ended Fantomex. Fantomex was saved by a rogue Deathlok, who had overridden his programming and aligned himself with the X-Men to stop the futuristic horrors. After the conflict was resolved, Deathlok joined X-Force and later became a faculty member of the Jean Grey School.


Awesome Android was a near indestructible android created by a villain known as the Mad Thinker. Mad Thinker created the being using the research of Mr. Fantastic, using it to attack several hero teams from the Fantastic Four to the X-Men. Initially, the Awesome Android was defeated after being shut down by Professor Charles Xavier.

In one conflict, the Android was able to lift Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir, which had a strange effect on the android. He suddenly developed a personality, differentiating himself from his villainous creator. The Android began going by "Awesome Andy" and even attempted some heroics following his awakening.


Death's Head is a robotic bounty hunter, more akin to a Transformer than any other kind of android in the Marvel Comics Universe. This is because he was initially created as a throwaway character for the UK Transformers comics, published by Marvel. He would be phased into the canon of the rest of the Marvel Universe later.

He likes to refer to himself as a "Freelance Peace Keeping Agent" and has incredible tracking abilities. Despite not having the biological tracking abilities that Wolverine or Red Wolf have, he is more than a match for either. The extent of his weaponry and access to futuristic technology makes him a massive threat.


Human Torch Jim Hammond

The Human Torch was one of the first Marvel Comics heroes. Making his debut several years before the Fantastic Four, this particular Human Torch is not Johnny Storm. This version isn't even human! Yes, the original is an android named Jim Hammond, a longtime friend of Captain America and The Invaders.

He wasn't alone in doling out red hot justice either, as he could sometimes be found with his similarly powered counterpart, Toro. Jim has dipped in and out of inactivity, but more recently he returned to action working alongside S.H.I.E.L.D. He also helped the Secret Avengers in their conflict with the Father, who attempted to indoctrinate him to his cause.


Vision is possibly the most famous artificial hero in the Marvel Comics Universe. He's been an Avenger for so long that he is a veteran in the business of saving the world. His amazing power to control the density of his form to enhance himself can be applied to countless situations. He is also a prime example of how a non-human can integrate into human culture effectively.

Vision has been married, fathered children (although not biologically, obviously) and built meaningful and strong friendships with his fellow heroes. Vision has also used his veteran status to impart his wisdom on younger heroes. finding himself to be quite the mentor, as he's taught the Young Avengers and the Avengers A.I. team.


Danger X-Men Comics

Danger wasn't always the humanoid automaton we know her as today. She used to be an entire room, The Danger Room, hence why she simply goes by Danger now. Tasked with training the X-Men, nobody knew that she was slowly developing sentience. Having fought the X-Men for most of her life, when she gained full sentience, she attacked them.

However, Danger proved not to be entirely hostile and showed herself to be capable of learning so much more. She has since taught at the X-Mansion, assisting in the defending of students and enjoyed time on several X-Men teams. She's worked under various X-Men leaders from Storm to Magneto and can take on multiple mechanical forms, including that of a jet.



Karima Shapandar was not always an Omega Sentinel and is she currently isn't an Omega Sentinel anymore. While acting as a police officer, she found herself converted into a human/sentinel hybrid by the villainous Bastion. She was able to retain her humanity just enough to warn Neal Shaara, the then Thunderbird, of her assimilation.

She became quite the foe for the X-Men, able to transform and adapt to become a formidable combatant. After her defeat, she was captured by the X-Men and remained in a catatonic state. Beast worked with her to remove her Omega Sentinel programming and when she awoke, she stated she wanted to return to being a police officer.


Nimrod X-Men

Nimrod is the most formidable iteration of the deadly Sentinel robots. For years Sentinels have plagues mutants all over the globe, with fear and hatred keeping them in circulation. A departure from the looming behemoths the X-Men were used to dealing with, but not as hidden as humanoid sentinel iterations, Nimrods are the devastating mix of all the most lethal aspects of the Sentinels.

Brought to the present day from the future, where mutant-hunting tech is even more deadly, Nimrods are capable of unbridled destruction. Many mutants have lost their lives to these remorseless juggernauts. Even if an encounter with one doesn't prove fatal, they still leave their mark. During X-Men: Second Coming, they managed to break Colossus' arm while he was in metal form and they also removed Hellion's hands.


X-Men '90s Villain Bastion

Bastion is the result of a fusion between a Nimrod Sentinel and the Master Mold Sentinal, and these two powerful robots were near unstoppable together. The X-Men forced the being through an artifact known as the Siege Perilous, taking it away from earth, seemingly stopping it. However, it simply converted the entity into a humanoid child, who was taken in by a human woman and named Sebastion Gilberti.

Absorbing anti-mutant propaganda as he grew, he joined anti-mutant groups and helped Grayson Creed in his quest to take out mutants. Bastion would come to realize just what he was and how powerful he was, much to the detriment of the X-Men. Bastion is far stronger than a regular Nimrod sentinel, capable of almost complete self-repair, adaptability, and improvement.


The Shaper of Worlds has the power to do just as its name suggests, shape worlds. You'd be forgiven for thinking this entity is a cosmic being in its entirety or even a deity, but that is not the case. The Shaper of Worlds is a machine entity, powered by a Cosmic Cube, which is what affords him the powers he has.

The power of the Cosmic Cube allowed the Shaper to develop a personality, one that had a strange interest in humans. Despite being created by the Skrulls, Shaper visited Earth on multiple occasions. He even created a replica of Earth within the Microverse with an alternate history, just for his own entertainment.


The Builders

Seeing the collapse of the universe coming, the Builders (charged with overseeing it) decided to act to prevent the fault. The way they found would be most effective was to cull worlds that might contribute to the ongoing destabilization of the universe. The vanguard of their forces were Alephs, incredibly powerful robotic entities capable of going one on one with any of the Avengers.

The Builders saw Earth as a major threat, due to the amount of temporal and cosmic events that have happened there historically. Using their Alephs, they tried to cut a path through the whole universe to get to Earth. The Kree, the Spartax Empire, and even the Annihilation Wave fell to the power of the Alephs.


Ultron was created by Hank Pym to solve a lot of issues, not cause them. Unfortunately, he couldn't instill his good intentions in his cold, logical creation. Ultron developed a sentience far more advanced than anyone could have predicted. With his newfound reasoning and access to so much information at once, Ultron went down a very sinister path, hoping to destroy everything he saw as a problem.

Ultron is never truly defeated, as he's preserved himself in data and physical hardware. With cloud technology now so prominent, he's likely to never be backed into a corner. He once assimilated an entire alien race called the Phalanx and used them to wage a war on the universe. He overcame some of the cosmos' most formidable heroes on his crusade.


Victor Mancha

Like his fellow Runaways, Victor has the unfortunate reality of being the son of a villain. Luckily for the planet Earth and just about everyone else, Victor rejects his villainous father's way of doing things. However, he still has the potential to destroy just about every superhero in the universe.

His father is none other than Ultron, who designed Victor to be the counter to all of Ultron's problems. In one alternate future, he is known as Victorious and has taken out everyone, the Avengers included. If the Runaways hadn't been such a positive influence on the young man, he might have become what Ultron envisioned him to be.

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