Marvel Assembles All-Canadian Creative Team for Alpha Flight: True North

Marvel Comics is celebrating its 80th anniversary by putting together an all-new creative team to helm the publisher's signature Canadian superhero group in Alpha Flight: True North. After making their first appearance in the pages of Uncanny X-Men back in 1979, Alpha Flight will look back on the history of its superhuman members.

According to the official Marvel website, a Canadian team of writers and artists will take part in the one-shot special. The three upcoming tales will be written by Jim Zub (Champions), Jed MacKay (Daughters of the Dragon) and Ed Brisson (Dead Man Logan).

The artwork for this issue will be illustrated by Max Dunbar (Champions), Djibril Morissette-Phan (All-New Wolverine) and Scott Hepburn (Spider-Man/Deadpool). The one-shot cover will be drawn by Nick Bradshaw, known for his work on Guardians of the Galaxy.

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"We’re bringing back the greatest of the Great White North, Canada’s premiere super-team Alpha Flight! And we’ve assembled a super-team of Canadian talent behind the scenes for extra authenticity." said Marvel editor Chris Robinson. "Trust me, these guys are going deep into the Department H files to tie-up those loose Alpha Flight story threads that have been keeping you all up at night. You wanted dip with the chips? Here it is!"

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These three True North tales will focus on the superhuman team's untold past. Though there are no further details on the plot, we do know the one-shot will feature prominent members of the group, which includes Puck, Snow-bird, Talisman, Northstar, Marrina, Guardian and Vindicator. Working within the Canadian government, Department H keeps track of all the superpowered humans and reports on everything Alpha Flight does.

Available for pre-order, Alpha Flight: True North #1 will go on sale in September from Marvel Comics.

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