Marvel Announces Agents of Atlas Limited Series Set for August Release

agents of atlas war of the realms

Debuting during Marvel's War of the Realms event, the New Agents of Atlas will reappear in a limited series set to release in August.

In addition to the familiar faces of Shang-Chi, Amadeus Cho (Brawn), Cindy Moon (Silk) and Agent Jimmy Woo, the New Agents of Atlas feature new faces Lei Ling (Aero), Lin Lie (Sword Master) and Pearl Pangan (Wave).

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The first Filipina superhero to appear in Marvel, Wave is a character with the power of hydrokinesis. She was co-created by Filipino artist Leinil Yu and was an instant hit with Filipino Marvel fans. She will continue to play a big role in the New Agents of Atlas series.

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Aero and Sword Master were first featured in digital-only books created by Chinese creative teams for the Chinese audience through NetEase. Their Chinese-language books will be translated and released in July as solo books.

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New Agents of Atlas #1 was written by Grek Pak and Jeff Parker with art by Nico Leon and Carlo Pagulayan. The issue was one piece of an ongoing saga involving several different groups across the Marvel universe.

According to Marvel, the upcoming limited series will feature the heroes defending the cross-Asian city of Pan from the science-magic threat of a classic Marvel villain.

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