Marvel Unveils Stunning Age of X-Man Connecting Covers

The Age of X-Man event is in full swing, with many of the mutants in the Marvel Universe now unwittingly trapped in an alternate reality created by Nate Grey. The event features new interpretations of classic X-Men, with each member of the team receiving new costumes and designs. Now, fans have a new chance to check out the X-Men redesigns in high-quality art.

Jordan D. White, senior editor for the X-Men line of comics, posted pictures of the variant covers for the first issues of each tie-in to the event on Twitter. The variants combine to form a massive mural of the new interpretation on the X-Men, ranging from the Nate Grey-led team of classic heroes to the rebellious forces of Apocalypse and the X-Tracts.

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The combined cover also gives fans a better look at characters like the Stepford Cuckoos, who have not yet appeared in the event.

The imagery is as impressive as the other work by artist In-Hyuk Lee, who provided the art for all six variant covers. Lee has been responsible for other stunning connecting Marvel variants in the past.

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