Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #17

Story by
Art by
Ig Guara
Colors by
Letters by
Dave Sharpe
Cover by
Marvel Comics

The un-team of Marvel Super Heroes comes together to stop a mysterious threat in this issue. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the Avengers, the heroes in this issue resist the urge to brand themselves. As Iron Man states in this issue, "The call went out," and this group of characters responded. Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man came together to try and help those in need. In doing so, they encounter Sue Storm -- the Invisible Woman. Eventually, the heroic collection is joined by Vision.

A number of presumptions are made as the group of heroes tries to discover the source of emotional outbursts. Those outbursts point towards Diablo, a foe familiar to longtime Marvel readers. Here, however, Tobin seizes the opportunity to explain Diablo more succinctly for the Marvel Adventures readers. This comes after the heroes encounter the Mad Thinker and the Leader, neither of which are even identified within this story.

Guara's art is solid and approachable. The story is framed by more traditional panels as befits an all ages read. The characters within those panels are strong and heroic, with body language that distinguishes each. Coloring Guara's pencil work without the distillation of inks gives this issue an informal sketchbook feel. It is as though Guara is sharing more personal drawings with us. It works well enough for this story, but next to highly polished sound effects, it almost seems incomplete.

Tobin makes some leaps on his storytelling throughout this issue, and the notion he uses to join these characters together beyond this first story is underdeveloped. This is, however, the first issue of a new direction for the "Marvel Adventures Super Heroes" comic which had heretofore featured individual adventures of Marvel heroes. Now, it is set as an "Avenegers Lite." For an all ages read, this title provides a great deal for younger readers, a few treats for old hands and the promise of stories that are not steeped in darkness.

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