Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #53

Story by
Art by
Matteo Lolli, Christian Vecchia
Colors by
Letters by
Dave Sharpe
Cover by
Marvel Comics

The "Marvel Adventures" line has been a very solid read for the Zawisza household for a couple of years now. The all ages stories have been entertaining enough for this grizzled old comic reviewer, and informative enough so that my kids (12, 9, and 7) can all embrace and understand characters they are encountering for the first time outside of the babbling descriptions provided by their father. In this issue, however, "Marvel Adventures Spider-Man" gets a new writer and some solid art by Mateo Lolli.

Lolli's art reminds me of Barry Kitson's, but with a stronger outline around the characters, provided by the inks of Christina Vecchia, giving the overall appearance of the book a vibe, similar to what Cliff Chiang does with his art. Lolli's art is given a major test here, through crowded high school hallways and bustling city streets, flashbacks to Spider-Man's origin, and facial expressions that cover the gamut of teenage emotion. CBR has a preview of the issue you can read.

Tobin jumps right into the "Marvel Adventures" brand, establishing a connection between Peter Parker and Emma Frost. Frost is used as the medium through which the reader learns about Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Admittedly, Emma is little more than a plot device here, but she is an effective plot device. Besides, now that she has been introduced, she is certain to return and play a role in future adventures of Spider-Man. If you missed the news this past weekend, "Marvel Adventures Spider-Man" isn't the only "Marvel Adventures" book that Paul Tobin will be writing. In the back of this issue there is a sneak peek into "Marvel Adventures Super Heroes," a title that will soon feature Tobin's interpretation of the Avengers in the "Marvel Adventures" universe.

Tobin does a great job making his first issue on this title approachable and explanatory. Anyone who has never seen Spider-Man in comics, television or movies, after crawling out of their cave, could pick this issue up and gain an understanding of the character. With Tobin on board, I look forward to "Marvel Adventures Spider-Man" continuing to be a popular title in the Zawisza household. I'm just going to have to make sure I read the new issues first before handing them off to my kids.

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