Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #22 - Sometimes the Square Pegs Fit

Ahh...another Fred Van Lente Day draws to a close. Did you all have fun?

Here is one last review before the day is over. Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, written by Fred Van Lente (out today!), features a modern retelling of the Hobgoblin story, and in this case, Van Lente shows how you can get a square peg (telling the Hobgoblin story with the Green Goblin still around) into a round hole. He manages to pull it off well, especially through his use of humor. I thought it was quite Fredilicious.

A very amusing gag that Van Lente uses in this issue is the idea that people do not recognize Spider-Man in his new costume. When he saves someone early in the issue, they do not know what to call him - and everyone in the crowd settles on "Black Widow." Funny stuff.

In any event, Van Lente comes up with the idea of a random crook finding one of Green Goblin's lairs, and stealing his gear and becoming the Hobgoblin. Green Goblin, obviously, does not like this idea, and the two quarrel.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is trying to think of a way to stop them. It is all quite amusing, while Van Lente never eases up on the action, either.

New regular artist Cory Hamscher does a very nice job (after Brian O'Hare's excellent work last issue) on the artwork, handling the comedic and action scenes both.

If I have a significant criticism, it is perhaps that J. Jonah Jameson is played a bit too broadly. I did not like his reaction to (what he thought was) Peter's death. It seemed absurdly cold-blooded.

Otherwise, this was a fun, action-packed, FUNNY and accessible book, even while it works in a character (Hobgoblin) who certainly does not have a simple backstory.


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on Fred Van Lente Day, on Fred Van Lente Day.

I read two books, by and by

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