Marvel Adds Netflix Heroes To Rosters Of Popular Mobile Games

Marvel Games is heading to Hell's Kitchen with the integration of characters from "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones" into several popular mobile games. Characters from the two Netflix series, as well as new storylines centered around them, will make their way to "Marvel Contest of Champions" and "Marvel Future Fight," as revealed by Mashable

Daredevil and Jessica Jones will arrive in "Contest of Champions" as the main characters of a new 6-part Story Quest. A new level featuring Hell's Kitchen will also be added to the game. Additionally, actress Krysten Ritter's version of Jones will be added to "Future Fight." Those wishing to see the live action versions of these new characters will be able to click on in-game banners and messages, which will direct players to Netflix's website.

"We have a legacy of rich storytelling and games gives us a great opportunity to integrate across key lines of business," Peter Phillips, executive vice president of Marvel Entertainment's interactive and digital distribution, said in the announcement.

"We think it's fun storytelling and it's fun for the fans," added Dan Buckley, Marvel Entertainment's president of TV, Publishing & Brand Management. "But it's also it's good business in that it communicates to people there's a lot of things going on that they may not have been exposed to."

The updates to the pair of Marvel games will arrive in mid-November.

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