Marvel adds editor C.B. Cebulski to their staff

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With the Marvel Mangaverse one-shots selling out across the country, TheHouse has made another move to reach out to Manga and Anime creators withthe addition of C.B. Cebulski -- as an Associate Editor -- to it's growingeditorial team.

C.B., who assisted Associate Editor Brian Smith in orchestrating the MarvelMangaverse event, joins The House after spending years helping Manga andAnime secure a strong foothold it now enjoys in America. While at CentralPark Media, Cebulski was instrumental in bringing titles such as Record ofLodoss War, Slayers, Plastic Little, Geobreeders, Dark Angel, and Nadeiscoto U.S. audiences. After forming strong relationships with several of theJapanese creators he worked with, C.B. was one of the first American editorsto work directly with Japanese artists to create Manga and Anime productspecifically for Western audiences.

While at Fanboy Entertainment, Cebulski worked closely with Kia Asamiya toproduce Dark Angel: Phoenix Resurrection comic series, the first color Mangato land on American shores in over 10 years. Cebulski then followed this upby producing the first shojo (girls') Manga ever created specifically forWestern sensibilities and stylings were successfully combined with superhero themes in the series Sidekicks, by J. Torres and Takeshi Miyazawa,which Cebulski edited. He also worked with such creators as Yoshtoshi Abe ofSerial Experiments Lain and Range Murata of Blue Submarine No. 6 on theircritically acclaimed art collections.

"It's become extremely evident to all of us at Marvel that Manga and Animeare more than just a passing phase," said Marvel Editor In Chief JoeQuesada. "Ask any comic retailer and they'll tell you that the best way toreach younger readers -- and the ever elusive female reader -- and they'lltell you that Manga and Anime are the way to go. It's tough to argue thiswhen you see the ever-growing legions of young girls dressed as Sailor Mooncharacters at comic conventions."

"That said, right after his consulting work with us on our Marvel Mangaverseevent, we knew C.B. was destined to work with us as a full time MarvelEditor," explained Quesada. "Not because he has incredible contacts in theworld of Manga and Anime, not because he has incredible taste in story andart, and not because he speaks fluent Japanese and will be bringing some ofthe greatest artists in Japan to work with us. No, you see, it's becausealmost everyone at Marvel has a nickname that Bill Jemas and I slave tocreate, and we had a great one for C.B. since day one! So I want everyone towelcome C.B.-san to the team! We look forward to all the wonderful stuffthat he'll be generating for all the Marvel fans. With C.B.-san's help,we'll be striving to hit the mark with young readers and girl-friendly booksthat we'll be launching later this year!"

"So C.B.-san it is!" laughed Cebulski. "But seriously, I can't tell you howexcited I am to be up in the Hallowed Halls of Mighty Marvel! While I ammainly known as the 'Manga Guy' around the industry, I have been readingMarvel Comics for as long as I can remember."

"Recently, in Japan, many Manga creators have been taking more 'Americancomic style' approaches to their art and storytelling, which they freelyadmit," Cebulski continued. "They are just as influenced by our comics as weare by their Manga, and I know many of the Japanese artists are alreadychomping at the bit to take a crack at drawing Marvel's heroes."

When asked if he could name any names, Cebulski dropped a few. "Well, Ithink it goes without saying that Kia Asamiya's name will be turning up onsome Marvel comics before too long. In fact, just look for his cover to IRONMAN #55 in May. I have also talked with Takehiko Ito, creator of OutlawStar, and illustrator Katsuya Terada of Zenbu and BLOOD: The Last Vampirefame, and they have also lined up some upcoming work for Marvel. And thelist continues to grow daily!"

All of us at Marvel welcome C.B.-san to The House!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

Marvel Comics

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