Marvel adds 46 titles to trade paperback library

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Someone must have borrowed Thor's hammer over the weekend, because theMarvel trade paperback backlist has been completely leveled and rebuilt!With reader demand for trade paperbacks at an all time high, mighty membersof The House -- equipped with flashlights and hardhats -- ventured into theMarvel vaults, determined to count and classify each book in our growingtrade paperback library. The result? 46 new titles have been added to thebacklist and are ready to ship!

"We've seen explosive growth both in the number of titles added to ourbacklist, and subsequent trade paperbacks sales," said Marvel MarketingCommunications Manager Bill Rosemann. "So to ease the ordering process,we've weeded out every title that is no longer in stock and have addeddozens of new titles that have been printed over the last several months.Now retailers and readers will find some of our most popular collections --including six new Essential volumes, seven new Spider-Man collections, andnine new X-Men titles -- back in stock and ready to move out!"

The 46 volumes now added to the backlist and available for order include:

Essential Avengers Vol. 2

Essential Avengers Vol. 3

Essential Fantastic Four Vol 3

Essential Incredible Hulk Vol. 2

Essential Silver Surfer Vol. 1

Essential X-Men Vol. 3

The Art of Marvel Comics hc

Avengers: Clear & Present Dangers


Black Panther: The Client

Black Widow

Blade: Sins of the Father

Captain Marvel: First Contact

Daredevil: Ninja


Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller vol. 2

Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith

Fantastic Four: Flesh & Stone

Fantastic Four Visionaries

Incredible Hulk: Dogs of War

Incredible Hulk: Ground Zero


Iron Man: The Mask & The Iron Man

Marvel Boy

Marvel Masterworks: Thor Vol. 2 hc

Nick Fury: Scorpio

Punisher: Circle of Blood


Thor: Across All Worlds

Thunderbolts: Justice, Like Lightning


Spider-Man: Coming Home

Spider-Man: Spirits in the Earth hc

Spider-Man's Tangled Web vol. 1

Spider-Man Visionaries: Todd McFarlane

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up

Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 2

Marvel Masterworks: Uncanny X-Men vol. 2

New X-Men: E is for Extinction

Ultimate X-Men vol. 1

Wolverine: Blood Debt

X-Force: New Beginnings

X-Men: Children of the Atom

X-Men: Inferno

X-Men: The Origin of Generation X

X-Men: Poptopia

Retailers and readers can find the revamped backlist in the next DiamondPreviews catalog. And you can learn more about Marvel -- and even read freeMarvel DotComics -- at www.marvel.com!

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