Marvel Demands Adaptation or Dominance With Mysterious Teaser Image

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Marvel has released an ominous teaser image that could spell trouble for the House of Ideas' heroes and villains.

The image is simply a blank sheet of white paper with typewriter-like text that reads, "When two aggressive species share the same environment, evolution demands adaptation or dominance."

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Although the teaser is incredibly vague, the use of the word "species" seems to allude to a possible X-Men connection. After all, with Age of X-Manthe recent relaunch of Uncanny X-Men and the return of Wolverine, Marvel's Merry Band of Mutants are experiencing a massive resurgence in popularity.

If one of the species is mutants, though, what could the other one be? The most obvious answer would be humans, so is it possible this teaser is signaling the start of a full-scale war between mankind and mutantkind?

At the very least, one option we can most likely rule out is the Inhumans. After all, Marvel's Inhumans vs. X-Men miniseries just wrapped up two years ago, so it seems a bit premature to return to that well. Besides, following last year's Death of the Inhumans, a majority of the major players are off the table.

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Whatever the case may be, we should be getting more information soon. After all, convention season is about to kick into high gear, beginning with Emerald City Comic Con, which takes place March 14--17.

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