Marvel Brings Back Post-Credits Scenes for Absolute Carnage Event

Absolute Carnage Venom Eddie Brock

Marvel revealed to retailers that it will begin featuring "post-credits scenes" in their comics as part of the build-up towards the upcoming Absolute Carnage event series.

Absolute Carnage follows the character of Carnage on his quest to hunt down and kill everyone who has ever hosted a symbiote. Fittingly, these one-page teaser stories will all carry the same title: "Everyone is a Target." Moreover, these stories are all unsolicited, effectively making their actual contents a mystery.

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The "Everyone is a Target" stories will begin this June with Venom #15, Symbiote Spider-Man #3, Deadpool #14, Amazing Spider-Man #24 and Fantastic Four #11. These post-credits teasers will continue into July with Black Cat #2, Immortal Hulk #20, Captain Marvel #8, Invaders #7 and Avengers #22.

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Over the past several years, Marvel films have gained a reputation for their use of post-credits scenes to set the stage for future installments. However, Marvel's comic books have been known to implement this style of storytelling as well, with one of the most recent examples prior to Absolute Carnage being in early 2018, when similar "post-credits" stories were printed in several comics to tease the imminent return of Wolverine.

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Written by Donny Cates with art by Ryan Stegman, Absolute Carnage #1 goes on sale Aug. 7 from Marvel Comics.

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