Marvel Reveals 80th Anniversary 'Frame Variants' For August

Marvel Comics’ 80th anniversary celebration continues in full force. The publisher today revealed a batch of its “frame variants,” special covers that frame heroes and villains in a border made up of other fan-favorite Marvel characters. The frame variants release this August, but Marvel revealed the first six today.

Marvel amassed an impressive collection of renowned artists for the variants, including Amazing Spider-Man #28 by Humberto Ramos, Avengers #23 by Russell Dauterman, Captain Marvel #9 John Tyler Christopher, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #9 by Pasqual Ferry, Thor #16 by Mike Mckone and Venom #17 by Lee Garbett.

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August marks a major month for Marvel, as that is when the publisher will release Marvel Comics #1000, a massive anthology book consisting of 80 stories by 80 creative teams, all of whom were tasked with telling a one-page tale set in the Marvel Universe. Marvel Comics #1001 will continue the celebration into September.

Marvel Comics was first founded as Timely Comics in 1939. By the 1950s, the publisher had settled into the name Atlas Comics. It wasn’t until the ‘60s when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby started producing characters still recognizable to this day, including the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk, that Marvel Comics as we know it really took off.

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